Parking at Kaiser Oakland

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June 2009

This concerns the parking garage on the ground floor of the Kaiser Oakland pediatric building on Broadway. If you use this garage, you know that you must leave your car to be parked by the staff, and when you return they retrieve it for you. I have always wondered if I am supposed to tip the guy who brings your car back. On one hand, I know it's common to tip a valet parker; on the other, you really have little choice but to park in this garage (valet only) if you have an appt. in this building. I'd be interested in knowing if anyone does tip here? Wondering

You can park on the street or take the bus. Or walk. Or tip the guy a buck. Tipper

My understanding is that they don't accept tips. If they did, I would be upset, as you are sort of forced to park there - there's almost never any street parking and for probably liability reasons they don't allow you to park your car yourself. anon

I have never tipped. I've never seen anyone else tip, though I haven't really paid that much attention. The valets never seem offended. Considering the fact that we already have to pay so much for parking, a tip on top of that seems a bit much. aimee

I have always wondered about tipping the car valets at Kaiser's Mosswood Pediatric building garage. As the poster said, we have no choice but to use the valet parking. Unless, of course, you would rather try to find street parking that is at least two blocks away, and have to mind the meter after getting your children/gear up to the medical office. This is how I've handled it: if the valet drives the car nicely back to me, opens the driver and passenger doors for me and my children, then hands my key back to me with a smile, I tip him. If he tears around the corner and comes skidding to a stop in front of me (believe me, that has happened) and gets out and holds the key up to my face, I don't tip. I think you know what I mean - if you feel he's done a job above and beyond what is required, then he should be rewarded. If he's just doing his job without any personality, then I'd skip the tip! Karen

I do not tip the Kaiser valets and I don't think I've seen anyone else do so either. anon

I've never tipped the valets at Kaiser. I don't think I've observed anyone else doing it either. T.

Maybe it is a guy thing but I don't like anybody driving my car- especially valets. We were unfortunately members at Kaiser for many years. When visiting the site you mention I was appalled that they insisted on valet only and charged to park there. Walnut Creek is free parking and a much nicer facility. As such I simply refused to support the parking garage-ever. I was always able to find a meter under the overpass or right out front or in a couple worst case scenarios over by the Honda dealer side street. Kaiser won't pay for your car if it gets dinged I expect. For 15 years I always found a spot and never got a ticket or had any kind of problem. Your choice, but I wouldn't support the program. You pay to be a member there and it isn't like folks are abusing that lot to go shopping elsewhere in the neighborhood or visit the park! anon

Wow. . . I never even considered it. Now I'm feeling cheap!! Debbie

I don't tip there.

After seeing the other posts, which are completely opposite my opinions, I had to answer. I tip a dollar at the Kaiser Mosswood parking. These guys are probably getting only $8 an hour, parking at the building is cheap anyway, and I love the fact that I don't have to deal with parking the car on my own and wheeling my infant through a parking garage full of distracted parents late for appointments. Lauren

I have never tipped there at Kaiser Pediatrics in Oakland. FYI, **City of Oakland** is who made Kaiser have to charge for parking. I'm not sure why that is. I went to a ''picking a pediatrician'' night, and this is what they told me. Other cities, Richmond and Walnut Creek didn't require this. Weird, eh? Driver