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Need a great ophthalmologists at kaiser

March 2011

unfortunately, i'm having to leave my wonderful dr. bui in alameda, as i am now with kaiser. any recommendations for a great kaiser doc would be much appreciated. (walnut creek, oakland or alameda) thanks all :) late 40-something eyes~

I had a wonderful experience within the last six months, with Dr. Lise Tong at Kaiser Oakland. I recommend her highly. Kind, professional and very conscientious. I think she may help make the transition to Kaiser easier.. Barbara

I can recommend 2 Kaiser Oakland opthamologists. Dr. Gardner has been very helpful treating a chronic problem I have and Dr. Vora did a very thorough assessment of an acute problem my son experienced. I found Dr. Gardner to be extremely accessible and open. I have not seen Dr. Snyder as a provider but I knew him a long time ago through our children and he is a super nice person. Good luck. Kaiser poster child