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Kaiser covered prenatal chiropractic care? Aug 5, 2019 (9 responses below)
Any great Chiropractors for pregnancy - Kaiser-covered? Aug 29, 2018 (7 responses below)
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  • Kaiser covered prenatal chiropractic care?

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    Hi All,

    I'm 33 weeks pregnant and hoping to see a chiropractor for some prenatal care for various aches and pains (namely, "pelvic girdle pain").  I've found just a couple of practitioners in the area that specialize in prenatal care, but they are all really over my price range for out of pocket (not to mention hard to get an appointment).  I'm wondering if anyone has experience using the chiropractors in Kaiser's network (ASHLink) and specifically if anyone can recommend someone in the network that is experienced working with pregnant women?  Might be a long shot, but I thought I would float the question out there.

    I'd also be open to or grateful for suggestions of the same for prenatal acupuncture care.  We are located in Albany, so somewhere in or around Berkeley would be ideal, but I'm will to travel within a reasonable distance in the East Bay.

    Thank you!

    I was told by my Kaiser OB that Kaiser only covers chiropractic care if you've been complaining of pain for 6+ months (which doesn't seem that helpful for pregnant women). I ended up going out of network, but felt great improvement after just 2 sessions so wasn't too much financial burden and her prices seemed pretty reasonable. I'd highly recommend Dr Ameneh ( She specializes in prenatal and was wonderful.

    I've been seeing Dr. Verma at Oakbay Chiropractic for years, including throughout my pregnancy. He's got 3 kids of his own (one about 6 months old) and was knowledgeable about a pregnant woman's body. He takes my Kaiser insurance, and he practices Active Release Therapy (soft tissue work).

    I used Diana Anfang in Berkeley during my pregnancy and she was great. Takes Kaiser too!

  • Do you have a chiropractor that you used during pregnancy that you love and happens to be covered by Kaiser insurance? Looks like they need to be in the American Specialty Health (ASH) network to be covered by Kaiser.  Berkeley/Oakland/Albany/El Cerrito area preferred.  All of the great chiropractors I've been recommended are unfortunately not covered.

    Yes! Dr. Verma at Oakbay Chiropractic is wonderful. He takes Kaiser (ASH).

    While I was pregnant I saw Dr. Renee Bartlett at Lotus Chiro in Berkelye.- drrenee [at] 

    I used my insurance BCBS - PPO. Might want to check with her, but she takes a variety of insurances I belive. 

    Good luck!

    Dyanna Anfang on Channing Way in Berkeley accepts ASH insurance. She's an amazing chiropractor -- I saw her during two pregnancies and still get regular adjustments. I've had chronic back pain for years and she helped me get through my pregnancy and helped post-baby as you get more aches from lifting the baby, etc.

  • Seeking Kaiser chiropractor

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    My wife has some neck issues and would very much appreciate recommendations for a very good chiropractor at either the Kaiser Oakland Or Richmond facility. Walnut Creek office a possibility as well. Many thanks.

    RE: Seeking Kaiser chiropractor ()

    Kaiser doesn't have any chiropractors within their network. If you're interested in a referral to one, start with the primary care doctor. You can also try to find an osteopath as there are some who are part of the Kaiser system. to search.

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Looking for a chiropractor recommendation preferably in Alameda (or close by) that takes Kaiser. My partner moved from Vacaville to Alameda and paid $15 per visit at her old chiropractor in Vacalville who took Kaiser. My partner is paying a lot more now (welcome to the Bay Area) so we're hoping to find another Kaiser associated doctor. Thanks. Hoping to Save

Try Dr. Daniel Rixen, DC in El Sobrante. His phone number is 510-222-6206. If he is too far, you can also call ASH Network at 1-800-678-9133 and they will be able to give you a list of Chiropractors in your area that accept Kaiser. (I work for Dr. Rixen and I can tell you he is a good Doc.) Jennifer

Dr. Amor Adams in Oakland does wonders and accepts Kaiser. I highly recommend her and everyone I have referred to her loves her. In fact, she's so skilled that she was selected to be a team USA doctor at the 2008 olympics. She helped a stubborn neck problem of mine and my only regret was waiting as long as I did to see her. Her contact info is: 431 30th St Ste 2 (between Mcclure St & Summit St) Oakland, CA 94609 (510) 834-2225