Cancer Specialists at Kaiser

Archived Q&A and Reviews

My mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer last Friday. We are looking for a great breast surgeon, oncologist and radiologist in the Kaiser system. I wanted to find out if anyone might have some good recommendations. Thanks for any information you might have. Liza
The Kaiser System has a great resource for women with breast cancer, a breast cancer coordinator. I know two of the women who do this for different Kaiser hospitals and they are really helpful... They know how to get Kaiser to work for you well, what community resources are available, and are in general, lovely people.

Another excellent resource for information about cancer treatment in general is the Cancer Information Service, reachable at 1-800-4CANCER. It is a free service, run by the National Cancer Institute. They have great information available, and can do focused MedLine searches for you as well as provide information on procedures, community resources and get you NCI brochures. They have bilingual counsellors, too. Spanish, and Cantonese at a minimum, sometimes, depending on other staff they may have facility in other languages. Myriam

My husband is an internist at Kaiser and recommends Dr. Peter Gordon, chief of oncology, at Oakland Kaiser. Sharon