Dentists Who Do Inlays

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Does anyone know of a dentist that does gold inlays (rather than fillings or crowns)? Since moving here from England I haven't found anyone who does these; some do 'onlays', but apparently an inlay is an unusual request. (An inlay doesn't involve as much destruction of tooth structure as a crown or onlay, and using gold avoids possible ill-effects of mercury or composite fillings.) Also, I'm very nervous about dentistry, so I'd be very grateful if anyone knows an understanding dentist... Janice

My dentist is awesome, the dentists and staff are all female, which gives it a very caring and gentle atmosphere. Also, the office is beautiful. She replaced all of my silver fillings with porcelain inlays and they look and feel great. Dr. Pauline Demetrakopulos (415)989-3953 450 Sutter Street, SF.
I'm not sure of the difference between an inlay and a crown, but when I cracked a tooth, my dentist, Sandor Hites (Dana and Channing) put in a gold crown. He's really into esthetics as well as safety. (He removed several of my amalgam fillings and replaced them with something else.) The one drawback is that he's VERY busy and it's not unusual to wait 6 months for a non-emergency appointment.
Dr. Stephen P. Broderson may be a good resource for you. He is at 1313 A Gilman in Berkeley. Nori