Dentists Who Take PMI Insurance

Archived Q&A and Reviews


I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who has had a positive experience with a local dentist that accepts PMI (the dental insurance for UC students). Kathryn

I would not reccomend the Naismith dental group. We used them for a few years purely because we had no other choice. they are a total meat mill, seeing patients quickly, over treating and just not being too appealing. I had one experience of having my teeth cleaned by a staff person that smelled of alcohol. good luck with theother choices you have! Shoshana & Joe

I'm sorry to say that I never had a good experience with any dentist that accepted PMI. That insurance plan seemed to ensure that I would get treated rudely at reception, receive cursory exams and cleanings, and would generally come away from the experience wishing that I had never gone. Since getting on Delta, I realize how poorly we were treated as PMI customers.