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Osteopathic Physicians (DO's) attend accredited medical schools, pass medical licensing exams, have residencies and practice medicine similar to MD's.

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  • Pediatric Osteopath Recommendation?

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    Hi, does anyone have a recommendation for an excellent practitioner who does myofascial bodywork for young kids in the area? 


    Yes! Natasha Bernard, DO in Oakland does osteopathy for kids and adults. I have seen her for osteopathy and she has been hugely helpful for my jaw. She also saw my youngest child when he was a baby. She’s wonderful, I really recommend her: http://www.alchemyrestorativemedicine.com/

  • I recently moved to Oakland and am looking for a PCP for myself. I was previously seen by Michelle Lutrell, NP at the Institute for Health and Healing (Sutter Health) and would like something similar. Would love to have an Osteopath for my PCP or another Integrative medicine M.D.

    I'd really appreciate any of your recommendations, thank you!

    I highly recommend my osteopath, Natasha Bernard. She has an office on Grand Ave in Oakland, http://www.alchemyrestorativemedicine.com/about-dr-natasha-bernard.html. She does not accept insurance, however, so might not be able to be your PCP. 

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Osteopath for chronic neck and shoulder pain

Nov 2006

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and am looking for an osteopathic doctor, preferably in Berkeley or Oakland. Thanks! anon

I've been seeing Michelle Veneziano, D.O. with good results. She is very skillful and nurturing. She just closed her Berkeley practice, but is still seeing patients in Mill Valley: (415) 924-7604. She is referring her Berkeley patients to Carmen Herring, DO: (510) 526-5256, who I believe has an office on Solano Avenue. I haven't yet seen her, but I intend to Good luck to you

I see a wonderful Berkeley osteopath named Dr Runa Basu, DO. She is in practice with Katherine Henderson on Solano Ave. Dr. Basu is very skilled and very intuitive about how to fix problems that other doctors cannot. She is also great with kids. Her office is on Solano Ave. at Ensenada, around the corner from the Thai restaurant. I;ve been to other osteopaths, and she's one of the best. Call her today (526-5256) - she is popular and it can take a few weeks to get an appt. Good luck!!! Happy Patient

[Editor Note Nov 2017: Catherine Henderson has notified us that she is no longer practicing in California.]

Aug 2006

Re: Alternative Treatment for Separated Shoulder
I'm not sure if your condition is the same but I injured both shoulders, where the joints were not moving smoothly, such that it was painful to raise my arms. The joints would also 'click' as I moved them. I had an Osteopathic manipulation done by Dr. Basu and the pain went away and the freedom of movement returned. My understanding is that once you injure the joint, it is more susceptible to re-injury. This was true in my case and the second time I had to seek treatment, the improvement was not as dramatic. Best of luck. Runa Basu, DO (510) 549-3636

March 2005

I have been breastfeeding for 7 months and have recently started to feel pain in my right shoulder joint. At first, it only hurt when I bent my shoulder a certain way - now it seems to hurt all the time, even when I am trying to sleep. I read the posts about tendonitis and several people recommended seeing an osteopath. But the osteopath recommendations section only focus on osteopaths for babies or children. Have any mothers had good experiences with an osteopath for themselves? It would be nice to find someone who is particularly knowledgeable about the kind of strain a breastfeeding mother's body faces. Preferably someone in the Berkeley area. Thanks! cc

I'll be interested to see who people recommend in the East Bay - - in fact, if you've gotten any recommendations offline, I'd appreciate it if you could forward them to me. Having said that, if you can't find anyone in the East Bay, I would highly recommend Hennie Sholars, DO over in SF (29 29th Street). I went to her for severe back pain and she was absolutely wonderful! Her work is both subtle and powerful -- she'd do these very gentle manipulations which somehow seemed to realign my whole body -- I could almost feel everything settling back where it belonged! Unfortunately, her location is inconvenient for those who live in the East Bay, but I've found her to be well worth the trip! Diane

We've used an osteopath in San Francisco for a bunch of adult things as well as for our kids. Theresa Hong, DO is FANTASTIC-- people fly in to see her... She has cured my husband's 15-year battle with repetitive stress in his arm, I had a bunch of post- partum things, including nursing shoulder that are totally fixed, she has fixed our neighbors repetitive motion strains from sewing, I had a fall and had a damaged ACL (?) in my knee that is now totally better... Love this woman. Theresa Hong, 2041 Polk Street, 1/2 block south of Broadway. nancy

Hi, Dr. Stephanie Nani, DO is a great osteopath. After my sessions with her, I feel like I understand my body in a different and more relaxed way. I highly recommend calling her and seeing what she has to say about your shoulder.  Susan

Osteopathic doctor for back pain

March 2002

I'm looking for a recommendation for an osteopathic doctor and/or physiotrist to help me with my chronic back pain and numbess. I'm running out of people/methods to try and getting exhasperated witht the chronic pain and tingling in my upper back and arms. I don't know how it originated several years ago, but it is uncomfortable to hold my 10 month old daughter, which saddens me. I've tried accupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractors. If you know of anyone in the Berkeley area, the recommendations would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there, I have had chronic pain for 3 yrs. I have fibromyalgia. I sympathize greatly. There is a oestopath named Micheal Salveson who my father uses regulary and I tried a physiatrist at Alta Bates who helped not at all. I do believe in Orthobionomy, there are a few on Solano Ave in Berkeley. I think it is time for me to go again. I have never been to them personally, the ortho's but I trained in it and know how well it works and a friend went to one of them and was impressed. Good luck. Have you tried a rhuemitologist for a dio? Lucinda

I just received a referral to Dr. Maude Nermann, an Osteopath who is located at Larkspur Landing, just over the Richmond/San Rafael bridge. I haven't seen her yet, but Christine Ciaravella, a homeopath in Albany, speaks very highly of her. Dr. Nermann's phone number is 415-924-7604. Another option for chronic back pain is seeing a Rolffer, if you can handle deep tissue massage. I see a Rolffer who is also a licensed physical therapist. He does wonders for my chronic upper back and neck pain, and because he is a physical therapist you may be able to get some insurance coverage. His name is Patrick Hannum, his number is 524-6422, and he is located at 4th and Gilman in Berkeley. If East Oakland is more convenient for you (out 580), you might be able to get an appointment with Art Riggs. He is one of the top Rolffers around, and is Patrick's mentor. I saw Art a few times, and he referred me to Patrick because of the better location for me and because of insurance coverage. Art's number is 482-9427. Maria