NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques)

What is NAET? (from Wikipedia) Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET) are a form of alternative medicine which proponents claim can treat allergies and related disorders. The techniques were devised by Devi Nambudripad, a California-based chiropractor and acupuncturist, in 1983, drawing on a combination of ideas from applied kinesiology, acupuncture, acupressure, nutritional management and chiropractic methods. There is no credible evidence to support its effectiveness in assessing or treating allergies.

Archived Q&A and Reviews

2008 Reviews

Feb 2008

I saw only a couple of comments and none of them too recent re: NAET for allergies. Any folks out there willing to share their experience using this process? I am allergic to dust, chocolate and who knows what else and would like to eliminate these and any unknown food/mold allergies. But I don't want to go down a useless path if it's not effective. db

I tried NAET with my daughter and it worked like magic. It took a few sessions to clear her, but I was really impressed! She had a few allergies to wheat, food coloring, and corn syrup. She has no reaction to any of these any more. Find a good practitioner and you will NOT regret it! The person we went to is not practicing anymore, otherwise I would recommmed him. Look on the BPN for someone. Good luck anon

2006 Reviews

March 2006

I have read a little about NAET here and wondering if anyone has practioners they would recommend in the Berkeley area and preferably north through El Sobrante, though Oakland or east to Lamorinda would be acceptable if you have had an incredible experience. I have severe and multiple allergies including pets, airborne seasonal, foods, molds, etc. etc. Much prefer if the practioner is an acupuncturist who can take insurance directly (I have 20 licensed acupuncture visits covered.)The NAET website shows Nancy Rakela and Mary Curry for Berkeley- the archives don't have Dr. Curry at all and nothing specific to this technique re: Dr. Rakela. So any or all recs. welcome. Thanks! anon.

We have had very positive results with NAET and can recommend a couple people. Lynn Segura, L.Ac. on Ashby near College in Berkeley, 510-843-8889. Dr. William Chau near 27th and Telegraph in Oakland you can email me for more info if you like andalove

This is for the person who is interested in alternative healing for chem. sensitivities, allergies and NAET. This is my (short) story. I had debilitating allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities since childhood. My health had been degenerating for years despite my ENT's help and all the antihisthamines, decongestants and antibiotics I kept taking. When I knew that I was not going to get any better with Western medicine alone, and was really scared of what another flu, strep, or asthma attack would do- I started investigating alternative methods of controling and eliminating my progressively worsening symptoms. I did acupuncture with some success, then read about and found an NAET practitioner in Berkeley. When she moved out of town, I didn't want to give up and I found my final practitioner, Chuck Belanger in the Richmond Hills. He practices a modified form of BioMeridian- similar premise as NAET, but more refined. He actually wrote the computer software for BioMeridian and another derivative method of self healing. After about 12 sessions I didn't have to carry my inhaler around in my pocket anymore. After about 6 mos. I stopped taking my antihistahmines, and after a little while more I also stopped taking the decongestants. I have gone through the last 3 winters without being knocked out by the flu (winter is my 'sickest' season), having an asthma attack or being so congested that I had to take medication for it. I still have minor dust allergies, but they don't keep me indoors. It seems like a miracle- and if I hadn't actually experienced the healing powers of this method, I don't know if I'd believe it. I was certain that I would go through life sick and in and out of the hospital. My ENT is equally shocked. He knows me and my family's history of allergies and asthma and has never seen anything like this with the best allergy therapy he can offer (shots and meds). Chuck is an licenced Acupuncturist and also wrote an encyclopedia of Chinese Medecine. I would highly recommend him, and if he's too full to take you, get a referral for someone he recommends. You can reach him at 510.215.9525. shana

2005 Reviews

Aug 2005

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old now and has had eczema for 2 years now. Someone recommneded going to a NAET practitioner. Has anyone tried this before? If yes, did you see good results. Also, can you recommend a good practitioner? Thanks, Monica

I had tried NAET (for 7 months) for my 5 year old who also had excema from food allergies. I had tried homeopathy to no avail and was desparate so tried NAET. It was a waste of time and lots of money. Ours was done be a highly recommended acupuncturist who did the muscle testing and then used needles or magnets for the therapy. Our only solution was to find out what is causing the rash and stay away from the offending food or whatever the culprit. An elimination diet is the way to find out what food it may be. A nutritionist may help you with this if necessary. anon

May 2005

Has anyone had experience with NAET treatment for allergies in the bay area? If so, would you recommend your practitioner? Is it really a cure and is it truely as wonderful as it sounds? elizabeth

I am in the midst of a similar program, BIO-SET, with my wonderful Chinese acupunturist, who was trained by Dr. Ellen Cutler. It has helped me tremendously, but it is a long process. Everyone I interviewed before I committed to this said they felt they had regained the overall health they had lost 15 years before...which inspired me as I was at a loss for western medicine helping entirely. As far as I understand the program, it is an energy re-alignment process, and I have experienced great relief of physical stress I never appreciated as being as bad as it was until it was gone! Call Dr. Anita Chen Marshall, LAc, Sequoia Healing Center, 2059 Clinton Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501 510-523-1072. Tell her I suggested her. a grateful patient, Louise

2003 Reviews

April 2003

Can anyone give me a recommendation for a good chiropractor who specializes in Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)? in the East Bay? Thanks! monika

For years, I have been taking my daughter to a man named Joe Seckel. He is not a doctor or a chiropractor, but has gone through the NAET certification training and does it using accupressure. He is very nice. He lives in Albany and in Sacramento and divides his time between the two places. Please tell him you got his name from me. His number in Albany is is (510) 525-4857 and in Sac. (916) 424-0242 nadja