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Traditional Chinese Medicine for toddler's asthma?

Nov 2005

Our 2.5 year old daughter was just diagnosed with intermittent asthma. Our pediatrician recommended Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative treatment, but didn't know of any practitioners. Has anyone tried TCM for their child's asthma? If so, who could you recommend? We relocated to the South Bay earlier this year, but we're willing to travel to SF or the East Bay for treatment. Also, what other alternatives have people used? I looked in the archives but only found one alternative recommendation (Dr. Morrison @ Hannuman Clinic). We have limited funds (only Medical for insurance). We don't want to go the steroids/arbuterol route, so we're looking for something that will do more than just treat symptoms. Monika

My son had intermittent asthma (also called reactive airway) at one year old. It only occurred in the second 24 hours of a cold, bad enough for an albuterol inhaler to be used as relief and to allow adequate oxygen intake. It started all of a sudden at 14 months (June 03) and lasted until 20 months (Dec 03).

Being another parent strongly committed to finding alternatives to mainstream doctors & methods, I highly recommend the NAET method of allergy clearing, we used this with our son. Check out for more info. NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques and there are many practitioners in the Bay Area.

We took our son to Lynn Segura at The Ashby Center of Complimentary Medicine in Berkeley, 2615 Ashby Ave (near College Ave) 510-843-8889. She is an acupuncturist among other things though she used accupressure with my son. Before we went to her, we went to William Chau near downtown Oakland. Check his website for phone numbers, he has Oakland, SF & Burlingame locations. http://

Lynn Segura and William Chau are both great healers with different styles. We ended up to going to Lynn more mostly because it was closer to home, it's challenging to make it to a bunch of appointments with a little one. We didn't use Chinese Herbs with our son, so I'm sorry I'm not much help with that. It's possible that these practitioners use them, you can ask. We feel that Dr. Chau helped our son very much, we also have a special connection with Lynn Segura, she has a very gentle and intuitive sense. We were referred to her by a family member who's had great results and we have since referred another family member who has experienced a 60% improvement in her condition so far.

I was skeptical of this approach for some time, my husband was the one who researched and found out about this. He has a much more open mind about some things than I do. I finally came around, realising that it could only help (or not) to try it. I would be happy to share more with you personally, you can email me and then we can exchange numbers if you like.

I do believe that NAET helped my son get better, though I have heard that kids sometimes outgrow allergies too. I think this method helped to strengthen his immune system, he gets fewer colds and no more wheezing! Ananda

Contact Dr. Amanda Lien, a naturopathic doctor on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, and mention my name. She will speak with you directly. She takes the time to listen to her patients so she can treat the root cause of the symptoms and thoroughly explains to them why she's recommending certain treatments for them. She uses diet, nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and physical medicine to treat asthma. She's really knowledgeable and personable. email is drlien at, telephone is 510-499-7947. Stu

you might give Richard Liao a try. He is very experienced and he treats different kind of issues including kid's health. He uses herbs as well as acupuncture. Sorry, I don't have his number off hand, but he is located on Solano in Albany/ Berkeley.

Jay Sordean (in Berkeley) works with children and adults and is a very skilled OMD and also homeopath. My children don't have asthsma but have been going there since birth and the (neddle- less acupuncture)treatments are very effective. They are able to bill insurance but I don't know about medi-cal. after first visit it is reasonably priced (about 40 I think) especially compared to a doctor. I think many alternative doctors could do treatments and make excellent recommendations that you wouldn't receive from an allopathic MD, but I believe most would want you to have albuterol or something of the sort on hand for emergencies. Chris