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Acupuncturist for support during pregnancy

Oct 2009

I'm looking for an acupuncturist to support me through the rest of my pregnancy. Any recommendations? J.

I went to Claudia Weitkemper for holistic care - including acupuncture - before, during, and after pregnancy. She is a wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable practitioner who focuses on women's health. You can't be in better hands! Find out more about her at 510-978-3444 ; 1115 Marin Ave. in Albany. Franziska

Maureen Raytis is a fabulous talented acupuncturist and herbalist in Oakland near the Grand Lake Theater. She specializes in fertility and womens' health. I have referred many patients to her and also see her myself for a variety of issues. You cannot go wrong working with her. Her phone number is (510) 501-6960. Her email address is mo [at] Elizabeth

I see Maria Yung at the East Bay Integrative Women's Health Center. She is helping me with my IUI cycle but she focuses just on women's health issues. She is reasonable as well. Over in Oakland on Webster St., across from Alta Bates Hospital. amoreena

I recommended Roberta Lewis in a previous posting. Here is her number again: 510-540-8528. She has helped many clients over her 20+ years in practice with fertility and pregnancies. I would trust her with my life. Actually, I already kind of do. I see her weekly or every other week for an autoimmune disease, and she has been a miracle worker. I have had success and progress where most people following western medicine have pretty bad degeneration.

i saw marti kennedy on ashby in berkeley my whole pregnancy and she is wonderful! she has been around like 30 years or so and works with tons of women, fertility issues, pregnancy etc. i highly recommend her! 510.843.5000 ahhhh acupuncture

Hi , can highly recommend Jill Stevens , you can find her at 510-851-3006 The experience that I speak from is personal and professional , Myself and my family see her , and I also send many of my clients to her for care in their pregnancy . She has a very well rounded approach , to health and well being. She incorporates more than just needles and herbs, her genuine care and attention is the first thing you will experience, and she helps guide and empower her clients ,to taking steps towards short term and long term health. I am a midwife , and Jill is always my first choice when referring clients to an acupuncturist. We have seen wonderful results of her care with our mama's and baby's . Juli

I went to the Oakland Accupunture Project between the Dimond/Laurel neighborhoods throughout my pregnancy. It was great and affordable. libby

I've been seeing Barbara Martello once a week for nearly my entire pregnancy and she has been wonderful. Not only is she super nice, but she has listened to all of my concerns and worries and addressed them without judgment. Over the course of our relationship Barbara has treated my pregnancy related acid reflux, joint pain, back pain, nausea, as well as other mental health related issues such as anxiousness and depression. I always tell my husband that even if I did not see results I would keep going just because of how relaxed I feel after a treatment with her. I highly highly recommend her for your pregnancy related issues (and indeed any others, she also treated me for some serious SI joint pain before we knew I was pg). Also, people always ask me if it hurts, and it doesn't. Barbara uses super thin Japanese style needles and I can barely feel them! Her web address is: Good luck! vaile

Acupuncture for low milk supply?

Sept 2009

Has anyone seen an acupuncturist in the area for low milk supply issues, and if so would you recommend them? I've been down the lactation consultant route and have found that none of the standard remedies have quite gotten me to where I need to be.

I saw Laura Stropes, on Cedar St, all during my pregnancy and postpartum. While I didn't have a milk supply issue, she was very helpful when I got mastitis. Her specialty is fertility/OBGYN. Also, I have found that beside the standard herbs, etc, that naps and enough fat in my diet are the most helpful. It's actually hard to get an extra 1500 calories a day in your diet! good luck. molly

I'm so curious to know what you have tried and why you think acupuncture might work. Don't you think if these other remedies ALL didn't work that there might be something amiss to make your milk supply so low and untreatable - either your child's suckling, your pump or pumping strategies, or medications you might be taking? I would never consider acupuncture the last line of defense. Curious.

I did acupunture for ''morning'' sickness (throughout my pregnancy) and for triggering contractions, from Jing Li. I also did a couple of sessions for low milk supply, and felt it was helping. I had to stop though, because I didn't have any child care, and you really can't bring a baby to an hour session. I really liked the sessions, but she's more traditional with rooms separated by only a sheet. She's great, otherwise. The other thing was that the sessions seemed more painful than the ones prior to the baby. It seemed to be the locations, and it could have just been my personal blockages. Jing Li is in Oakland, on upper Piedmont Ave. 510-654-1567. anon.

I've seen Barbara Martello for a host of women's health issues. While none of them have to do with low milk supply, I am certain she can give you the help you need. She's incredibly knowledgeable about pre- and post-natal issues. 510-684-6659 Shari