Ellen Gurian

Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2006

Does anybody have experience with Dr. Ellen Gurian? She is an M.D. as well as an acupuncturist, and I have been looking for someone who is both. Someone has recommended Dr. Shapiro, but she cannot make a first appointment until the end of June! Dr. Gurian practices acupuncture of the five elements. Is anyone familiar with that? Also, those of us who would like someone who is both an M.D. and an acupunturist may want to know that Dr. Anne Williams has had to (hopefully temporarily?) discontinue her practice because of health reasons. myriam

Ellen Gurian is terrific! She is very knowledgable about medical and acupuncture issues and has treated me throughout my pregnancy and post-partum time. She even treated me the night I went into labor. I cannot rate her highly enough. She has treated a myriad of issues for friends ranging from fatigue (teenager) to Bell's palsy. Five element acupuncture is more of a global practice that treats the spirit as much as the body. She is one of the most talented five element practitioners in the Bay Area. Loves Ellen

I have known Ellen Gurian, MD for about 15 years. She is indeed a medical doctor and practices acupuncture. I can recommend her highly: she is a very kind person, deeply caring for her patients, and knowledgeable in the fields of medicine and acupuncture. Besides having gone for treatment myself, I know of at least five people who have used her services and who all have benefited greatly from her acupuncture sessions.

She practices Five Element Acupuncture, which is an ancient lineage of acupuncture from China. It addresses the whole of our being - body, mind, and spirit - in accordance with the five elements that occur in nature (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). It seeks to balance a person's Chi (energy or life force) so that whatever symptoms a person is experiencing will be relieved by nourishing and supporting their own capacity for healing.

She is board-certified in Pediatrics and Allergy/Immunology. She received her M.D. degree at The George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington D.C., and completed her internship, residency and fellowship training at the Los Angeles County Hospital/ U.S.C. Medical Center. She has also completed a four year course of study at The Classical Five Element Acupuncture Training Program in San Francisco. She treats adults and older children, and is currently accepting new patients.

Her office has just relocated to 514 Kains Avenue, Albany, CA 94706, at the Albany Hill Health Center, close to the El Cerrito Plaza, near BART and with off street parking. Ellen Gurian can be contacted directly at (510) 525-7876 or e-mail: ellengurian [at] comcast.net Yvonne M