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  • Math options in the BUSD

    Feb 25, 2021

    Is "Walk-to-math" an option at BUSD- (ie if you are a 2nd grader, you go to a 3rd grade class for math)?


    It was not an option at our BUSD elementary school (Malcolm X). The lack of any kind of math differentiation was part of why we left the school, honestly. Also, because the need to have stable groups as long as COVID remains a factor would likely make it impossible to offer this an option even if the school were so inclined.

    In our experience, no. There is no opportunity for acceleration at BUSD. Reading is the only exception since kids can read whatever they want. They don’t go to other grade levels for coursework.

    Oh, if only! At the elementary school my child attended, there is no way your child will be able to do anything other than what the teacher is teaching. If you get one of the teachers that offers advanced math options (despite the Prinicipal's stating this is not an option), the teacher offers advance math handouts but will only to sit with the child and hear how they thought through their answer, not to teach, spending the same amount of time as with the other children doing grade level work. Math games as enrichment were the only offered, allowed option. My child hates math now. Best of luck to you.

    I have a 4th grader and all these years I haven't seen a walk-to-math option and once when I asked for additional math material I was told that this is not an option. And of course, this past year math has been trimmed down due to distance learning. The kids missed 3 months of school in school year 2019-20 and this year 2020-21 the teachers are trying to cover the most important math concepts.