Mandarin at Berkeley High

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Mandarin and BIHS

March 2013

My son will be entering Berkeley High in the Fall and is trying to decide between AC and BIHS. He has taken Spanish through middle school but is thinking about switching to Mandarin or Latin for high school. At the recent open house at the high school, a student speaker mentioned she ''joined AC because she wanted to take Mandarin.'' Can my student be in BIHS and still do Mandarin? I'd also love to have some feedback on the Mandarin program at Berkeley High -- good? bad? Thanks! Can't believe my kid is going to high school

My daughter is in 9th grade BIHS and takes Mandarin. It is her favorite class (also her hardest) I think it is her favorite class because there are kids from the other schools so she has a friend in it from Jr High and because it is challenging. She must like the teacher too. I hear good things about all the language classes (she has friends in French, Spanish (continuing) and Latin who love their classes too) anon