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  • My 13 year-old son has emerged as a serious student of magic and I'm wondering if there are other teenage magicians in the area (we're in Berkeley) who would like to meet each other. There seem to be some great resources and groups for adult magicians in the area but we haven't found good resources for a junior magician.  Would love to learn if there are any.


    Check out Playland-not-at-the-Beach.

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Magic lessons/classes for a 10-year old

Dec 2013

Not Magic the card game! My 10-year old has long been interested in magic - trying to learn card tricks, playing over and over with a ''My First Magic Set'' thing she got a couple of years ago. I'm not really sure how to expose her to it beyond that. YouTube videos? We don't really do much media, so I'm not sure where to start on that. But, I'm considering having magic classes or lessons be her holiday gift this year, and I'd welcome recommendations in that category.


Playland Not at the Beach has a magic camp during summer and I think they are doing one during winter break this year too. Mom of Magic lover