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Know of pediatricians that can text you?

August 2016

My boy is 4 month old and this week has been crazy. I started to introduce him to some solids - puree carrots but wasn't sure how long to wait before I can try another type of solid. Recently he's been fussy and arching his back, so despite my husband's request not to, I googled symptoms and found he may have reflux. He's also as of last night, grown a pimple just under his eye. I'm hoping it doesn't grow in size that it impacts his eye. Anyway, all of this while I've gone back to work and my husband's away on a work trip. I like our pediatrician, but don't always get appointments with him in time. Does anyone know of pediatricians that are easier to access via text. My sister found one in DC, whom she texts her questions a lot and gets responses within a couple of hours. Jackie

I'm curious to hear of any other responses to this question. I'm a pediatrician and have been studying how I can legally text my (mostly adolescent) patients and found that with HIPPA laws, it's nearly impossible to do legally. There are programs that allow you to text to confirm or remind for appointments, but nothing that adheres to the strict privacy laws to allow you to actually send and receive medical information. So if you don't get any answers to your questions about finding a pediatrician who will text you, that is why--it is almost impossible to do legally. However, if you do find one I'm curious to know how they do it (it could be that they just are risking fines but doing it in a non-compliant way).

On that note, there are plenty of pediatricians who will email securely, so finding one shouldn't be an issue. Kaiser is pretty good about that, and Sutter is getting better but obviously each individual is different.