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  • Been dealing with vaginal cysts and am interested in finding a Dr/clinicians who know how to deal with them and treat them. 

    Any of the Ob/Gyns at Golden Gate Ob/Gyn in San Francisco will be more than capable of helping with Bartholin cysts - I'd personally recommend Dr. Karen Callen, Dr. Donna Wiggins, Dr. Fung Lam, or Dr. Jane Fang, though in general the practice is excellent. They are worth the drive into the city. Best of Luck! 

  • Hi there,

    I’m switching OBs to the East Bay since we’ve moved. I’m 23 weeks pregnant and looking for a new OB or midwife who delivers at Alta Bates in Berkeley. Does anybody have any recommendations?


    I just delivered a VBAC at Alta Bates with Dr. Kier Van Remoortere at the Berkeley campus of the Sutter East Bay Medical Foundation. I was very happy with her throughout the pregnancy, and then I was lucky in that she was on-call during my delivery as well and I had a great experience with her then too. I had a few complications during pregnancy, and I found that the Sutter system was well-integrated with respects to referrals, sharing information, etc. Since it's a big practice, there's no guarantee that you'll have your doctor of choice for the actual delivery, but I was pretty happy with each of the 4 OBs I saw during my pregnancy (out of 14).

    I cannot recommend my midwives Ellie Griffinger and Gwen Haynes enough (private practice partners at Golden Oak Midwives). They spend ample time on appointments to address any and all concerns, and really take the time to build a trusting relationship with clients. They also have a beautiful space where they hold visits, and offer a number of extra resources through people in their community (workshops on lactation, acupuncture in pregnancy, choosing a doula, pelvic floor health, support groups for breastfeeding, etc). They also have practitioners working in their space who offer massage and pelvic floor physical therapy. I have not had my baby yet so I do not know what it will be like to work with them at Alta Bates, but they have a lot of reviews on their website and on Yelp that you can read.

    We are LOVING Dr. Pavithra Venkat at Sutter (delivers at Alta Bates). We did the "Sutter doctor bingo" approach w/our first child 3 years ago and while everything turned out fine, we did end up feeling a little disjointed w/continuity of care during the pregnancy and like we didn't really care which doctor delivered the baby (we ended up w/a longer L&D stay and so were interacting w/several doctors we'd not met and didn't care AT ALL). Dr. Venkat never makes you feel rushed, is very responsive to questions and seems really committed to trying to help clients have the experience they want. A friend who had a really traumatic first birth experience also delivered w/her (scheduled C-section) for Baby #2 and gives her nothing but the highest praise.

  • Hi, 

    I am looking for a new OBGYN recommendation after Dr Kurt Wharton left for an amazing professional opportunity in a different state. 

    I had a great first-time-mom experience during my pregnancy/delivery at Alta Bates with him and I am hoping to find someone else soon.

    I have Aetna insurance. I live in Oakland and I can drive for someone like Wharton (he was based in Lafayette).

    Many thanks,

    Dr. Arzou Ahsan at Sutter Health is wonderful. I had surgery done by her and she was with me through my pregnancy also. Doctors and nurses always sang her praises when they knew that was who my OB was. I've heard two things consistently, "Isn't she the best?" And, "If I were getting surgery done, I'd want her to do it." Hearing these comments always made me feel more confident that I was in the right hands.

    I love seeing Dr Jane Fang at Golden Gate Obs. She's in the city, but that worked for me because although I live in Oakland, I work in the FiDi in the city so could pop over for appointments. 

  • Hey everyone, I am completely new here. My husband and I will be moving to Berkeley from Austin, Texas while I am 7.5 months pregnant (baby is due mid August). My top priority right now is to find a good OB/practice that can deliver my baby, and also find a pediatrician. I have good insurance that covers a number of practices, so if anyone can recommend their OB and pediatrician, that would be really helpful! Thank you so much!

    We're with Kaiser, and I love my OB (Dr. Sarah Wilson), and we had a great experience having our baby at Kaiser Oakland. 

    Congratulations! I heartily recommend the very experienced and compassionate Kurt Wharton, M.D., and the great doctors at East Bay Pediatrics.

    Dr Duffy is my ob, she's great. A saw a couple other people from her office (the ones who happened to be on call during my labor and delivery) and they were great as well. Dr. Emmanuel was there for the actual delivery, and I liked her a lot. 

  • Gynecologist

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    I am new to the East Bay. I am looking for a gynecologist and I am in my 40s so need to have a mammogram. Can you recommend someone you had a great experience with? I have PPO health insurance so I can't go to a Kaiser or Brown and Toland doctor but most others should work. Thank you!

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    I really like Dr. Lilia Lizano, Women's Group for Health, 2999 Regent St, #201, Berkeley (510) 204-0965.  She took over the practice after my previous OB/GYN moved to Kaiser.  She is kind, understated and thorough.  Part of her standard of care in an annual check up is to palpitate the neck.  She found a lump in my neck and ordered an ultrasound.  Turns out it was thyroid cancer.  Had it not been for her, it could have been years before it was detected. (I don't have a good PCP.)  So I am forever grateful to her.  I am happy to speak to you about her, if you'd like. 

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    I've only seen her a couple of times, but I like Pantea Pahlavan in Berkeley. She's with Sutter.

    RE: Gynecologist ()

    Hello, for me there's only John T Armstrong...He uses an ultra sound for high-up pelvic exams.  As I have fibroids, this is a god-send.  No more pain.  Also he uses the ultra sound for breasts after palpating manually (or rather wo-manly)  Easy to talk with, allows plenty of time for each patient.  Dr. Armstrong is an important reason I don't want to leave this area & go back to Texas-- where he's from too :))

       Now-- it is an hour drive to get to him-- in Napa.  But plenty of parking; office is right off the freeway.  You could stop and have some wine before or after.

    oops, looks like I can't paste his web page so please google him in Napa.

  • I am currently trying to conceive (been trying for 4 months as of the date of this post) and am looking for recommendations on caring ob/gyn doctors. I am looking for a ob/gyn who has good bedside manner and is warm, patient, and experienced. Specialty in fertility and endometriosis is a plus, as I have endometriosis and had an ovarian cyst removed laparoscopically in January 2016. I have had a number of negative experiences with several ob/gyn docs and I'd like to find someone caring and competent soon. Thank you!

    Cheruba Prabakar.  BEST bedside manner I've ever had and an excellent doctor.

    It's a bit of a drive, but I can't recommend Dr. Brian DeMuth in Greenbrae highly enough (Marin County, so he works out of Marin General)!

    He is kind, competent, caring, professional, smart.

    I ended up with a C-section after 23 hours in labor and he came back to the hospital on his one night off in a week to be with me in the OR with the OB/GYN who was on call for him (also another great Doc, Gerry Wilner). 

    Dr. Demuth's nurse practitioner, Marlene, is also a gem.

    Not sure where you live, but thought I'd jump in with that recommendation.

    Good luck!

  • Need a OBGYN!

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    the recommendations listed seem a little dated so I thought I would repost another request for recommendations!


    RE: Need a OBGYN! ()


    I have a GYN that is actually a NP and she is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    Her name is Alice Cannon and located in Berkeley!

    RE: Need a OBGYN! ()

    Dr Kurt Wharton in Lafayette (he delivers in Alta Bates) was a name I found on this site and am SO appreciative I found him.  I had a high risk pregnancy and he was incredibly attentive and knows his trade inside out.  He saw me on a Sunday two times during my pregnancy to check out what was thankfully nonissues but he urged me to always reach out no matter what.  During the delivery, he was by my bedside practically the whole time and was told by the nurses this is his style (the nurses adored him and loved working with him, which is saying a lot).  He has a great, funny demeanor and clearly loves his profession.  I highly recommend him and felt so calm during my pregnancy because I was in his care.

    RE: Need a OBGYN! ()

    I'm due with my first baby in Feb and have been seeing Dr. Cindy Zhang at Sutter East Bay. I really like Dr. Zhang and the practice. It was highly recommended to me in the first place. So far I've had appointments with another doctor and the nurse practitioner as well and all have been great. Highly recommend! 

  • Hello,

    I recently switched from Kaiser to Anthem Blue Cross and am looking for an Ob/gyn located somewhere between Pinole and Berkeley. I am a very sensitive person (which can be both a strength and a challenge) who doesn't like going to the doctor/traditional medical facilities and I have some anxiety related to that. Does anyone know of any particularly kind, compassionate, supportive and understanding ob/gyns in a more relaxing setting nearby to work with during pregnancy and childbirth? Open to an MD, NP or midwife. Thank you in advance!

    I recommend the midwives at Pacifica Family Maternity Center ( Such a beautiful and calming place and I don't think you can get better prenatal, birth, and postpartum care than what they provide.

    I'd recommend Michelle Borok She is an incredible midwife we used in the birth of our kid. She also works with a biller that might get you a reimbursement from Anthem. Best of luck! 

    Dr Tracy White takes Blue Cross Anthem. She's fantastic!


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    Looking for an excellent (and kind) surgeon at UCSF or in East Bay to perform needed surgery on an endometrial polyp. Most referrals for surgeons pertain to obstetrics, but the patient here is post-menopausal.