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  • Moving to South San Francisco

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    We are moving from Oakland to South San Francisco and I am having a hard time finding resources and forums similar to BPN.  I am specifically seeking advice on elementary schools in South SF, it appears that test scores range greatly but I would like to research beyond test scores and get a sense of parent involvement, community, etc at SSF schools.  Are there any parents on here in SSF or know of any forums or FB groups that are similar to BPN that can offer insight?


    Main Street Mamas is an amazing resource:

    Hi there!  I moved from Albany to Brisbane a few years ago.  I didn’t find a BPN for the north part of the peninsula and found my info through various sources.  I think there is a SSF moms group and there is Main Street Mamas on FB for the peninsula.  My oldest is just starting K next year in Brisbane so we don’t have much insight past that age.  Welcome to the SSF!