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  • Eastmont neighborhood

    Feb 25, 2022

    Does anyone here live in the Eastmont neighborhood below MacArthur? We are getting priced out of other areas to buy in Oakland and are considering nearby Eastmont, but don’t have any friends or colleagues that live there to share their experiences. We have a 1 year old and one of us commutes to DT Oakland. Looking for walkability with baby and dog, not a crime hotspot, and nearby parks. 

    I do home visits for work. I encounter lots of wonderful patients in Eastmont, however, do find it to have a lot of crime surrounding it. I've had my car broken into twice and had to stop driving recently for nearby, daytime gun fire. I feel okay dressed in my medical attire because I have to and have a purpose to be there, but I would not feel comfortable walking with my family in parts of this area unnecessarily. There are some nice homes and wonderful little nooks but I would be concerned about the surrounding areas still. Many great residents but the area feels neglected.

    Longtime Oakland resident and former realtor here.

    Sorry to say this, but I would not advise anyone to move to the Eastmont neighborhood.

    The crime rate is very high in the vicinity, and all of Oakland is having a bad time the gun violence during this post-pandemic period.

    A better option might be Millsmont - the hilly area east of Mills College. But it is still not the safest part of the East Bay, and the houses built in the hills may have foundation and landslide issues. It is not very walkable. And the schools are not great.

    Consider also Maxwell Park, Laurel, and Bella Vista/Highland areas. Laurel would be best in terms of walkability.

    I worked as a primary care doctor at Eastmont a couple of years ago, and I cannot recommend the neighborhood right around the Alameda Health Services Eastmont Community Health Center (the old mall). We had lots of car break-ins and generally were not recommended to be there after dark. Maybe up in the hills it is different?

    I would not recommend Eastmont. We have friends who live in Eastmont and they never take a walk around the neighborhood and don't let their kids play outside on the street. They don't shop in their neighborhood either, and their kids attend OUSD schools outside their neighborhood. A car drove into their fence one time. However, I think Eastmont Hills (between 13 and MacArthur on the hilly part) is very lovely. Tranquil views, woodsy, lovely neighbors, many people with kids. Lots tend to be large. You'll have a lot of room to roam for your kid and even enough space to put a trampoline in the backyard! It feels like Oakland hills (Montclair / Piedmont Pines) for much less. Parks are close. Walking around the neighborhood is pleasant although you can't really walk to amenities. Neighborhood schools aren't highly ranked, but you have options in Oakland. It's close to several nice charter schools and less expensive private schools as well as many sweet preschools. It's also close to the zoo. When we were looking to buy, I was adamant that I had to be able to walk to shops and restaurants. Now I wish I had bought in a more quiet neighborhood so that I don't wake up to news that robbers dragged an ATM machine out of our neighborhood 7-11 close to our house. 

    Good luck,

    North Oakland resident