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Need a worker's comp attorney

Sept 2013

My husband is in need of a good worker's comp attorney in the east bay. We have asked around but nobody knows of one, so I thought I would ask the group here. Wife of an injured worker

I would go to Boxer + Gerson in Oakland. They are really helpful! The process takes a very long time. Lots of paper work too. You will start to feel harassed but you must not give up. That is what your employer will want you to do. Document everything! Good luck! Anon

I would recommend the firm of Uriarte & Carr in Oakland; office phone is 510-271-8845. good luck Bekki

Attorney for carpal tunnel workers comp?

Sept 2011

There are only very old recommendations for an attorney for workers comp. I need to consult someone about carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries. anon

Robert Brill, in Oakland, if he is still practicing. Helped me a lot a while back. Good guy, fighting the good fight. Best of luck. Ruth

I recommend you phone the East Bay RSI Support Group at 510-466-5814. Their website is Bill

I highly recommend Rae Lovko at Lovko & King in Berkeley. Her number is 510-859-7377. She was very effective in helping me and also was great about keeping me in the loop with each step of my case. Rae is also a local mom that is dedicated to her family and her community. Michelle, Kensington

Worker's Comp Lawyer

May 2010

The lawyer recommendations are a bit stale - does anyone have a rec for a fabulous worker's comp lawyer? I was injured on the job in 2008 at UCB, and it was agreed (by the University, my doctor, and the worker's comp insurance co.) that I was permanently disabled. The insurance people told me that I'd hear from them in a week (in March 2010) w/an offer. I didn't. They're not returning my calls. What's this all about and any great recommendations? Thanks in advance. Ready to be done w/this

I recommend Pauli Larsen, who is in San Rafael, but practices before all Bay Area workers' compensation appeals boards. Her email address is psllawyer [at] Karen

I am currently using Attorney Matthew Buzzel. NO ONE would take my case, then I found him so I couldn't do nothing but love him. Let him know that Shelly recommend him. He won't call you for every little detail, you just have to trust that he is working on your case and when something comes up he will let you know. My process has taken 2 years and we are finally in the home strecth. Good luck! His # is 650- 504-5216. Shelly

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Seeking experienced workman's attorney

Feb 2004

I am looking for a recommendation for an experienced workman's compensation attorney. The most recent posting on the website is from 1999, so perhaps someone fabulous has come along since then. Many thanks! Nancy

Jeremy Smith is an attorney specializing in work comp. I treat and evaluate many injured workers and Mr. Smith (in Berkeley 510-848-1064) has been a reasoned counselor and advocate for many. Jay

I suffered a job related injury and filed a workers' comp claim a bit over a year ago. I did not use an attorney and just thought I'd tell you why I'm glad I didn't.

The most important reason is that I didn't need one! The initial process of the claim approval was prolonged and not particularly pleasant, mostly because my (now former) boss tried to say (that is to lie) that my job didn't include the activities that caused my injury. However, I got great medical treatment immediately (at Kaiser San Rafael and I don't think that you need to be a member to use their Occupational Health Dept).

Maybe I was just lucky, but my claims adjuster was great and always helpful. Once my claim was approved, I got money that I didn't even know I had coming. The assessment of my permanent disability was fair and I was very happy with the settlement amount. I guess I might have gotten a bit more with a lawyer, but probably less in the end after his/her fees. I have also made use of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services which have been very helpful.

The insurance industry in general is not to be trusted, but I think that a lot of people will tell you to get a lawyer without really knowing much. If you're just starting the process, I'd suggest waiting awhile and see how it goes before hiring someone who will get a cut of any money that you get.

Good luck, and I hope you are recovering well. anon

Arthur Levy in San Francisco was my workers comp attorney and he helped me immensely. I haven't got his number any more but I'm certain it's in the book. I had a bilateral carpal tunnel injury. Susan

2003 & Earlier

May 1999

For the anonymous parent looking for a good WC attorney, I would suggest the office of Leary & Miller in Oakland. The phone number is (510) 451-9500. Both Christopher Miller and Athena Costis are very good WC attorneys and have worked with several UCB employees. Good Luck!

To the person who was seeking for a worker's comp. lawyer, I have a friend who ca n probably help you. Her name is Monika Sanchez, and she works in the Law Offices of Ellen W akeley, in San Leandro. Give her a call, am sure she will be able to help you with your i ssues. Her number is 510-895-1158. Good Luck!

I've been satisfied with Sally Harms of Lieberman and Harms in San Francisco. Phone 415-864-4333. WC lawyers have a poor reputation so be selective.