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March 2006

I am looking for a QuickBooks consultant to help me with my books for a home based business. I'd like someone who knows QuickBooks very well and also has good bookkeeping skills. Some basic accounting skills are a plus. Working at my home office, or via the Internet, are both possibilities. Please, only people who are truly competent. Thanks much!!! - appreciates good help

I recommend Nancy Rogers in Lafayette. She's stable, a whiz with Quick Books and a wonderful bookkeeper. Her number is (925) 283-5738 Julie
June 2005

I have two small businesses (one consulting, one retail) and need help finessing my set up of both of them on QuickBooks. They're both on Quickbooks now but I know I don't do things in the most efficient way and that there are helpful features I'm not using. Ideally I would work one-on-one with someone who is quick, smart and able to work with my existing data. My goal is to continue to do the bookkeeping myself just more elegantly. Who can you recommend? Sprucing Up the Books

Check out Small Business Logic, Inc. http://www.smallbizlogic.com, based in Oakland. They are certified QuickBook Pro Advisors and provide both training and outsourcing services. When I revamped their website they were very pleasant to work with. They will appreciate hearing from you and advise how they may be able to help your situation. Tell them I sent you! Amy
I can happily recommend a wonderful colleague, Cheri Corfey, for tutoring/setting up your books financially. Her business (been doing such for 16 years) is called ALameda Bookkeeping and Tax, and she serves small businesses in the greater Bay Area. She is smart, comfortably low-key, very easy to work with and comes very highly endorsed/recommended for her competence, ethics and quality of work. Call Cheri at 510-521-8522 or email her at ccorfey at alamedanet.net and tell her I sent you! Louise