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Need a paralegal to handle divorce forms

April 2007

I would like to represent myself in divorce hearings but need a smart,experienced,competent paralegal to help with court forms and procedure. Please help. W

Be careful. Depending upon what you mean, you may be breaking the law. Check out #3, #5, #6 and #8 if you are planning to file in California. You should be aware that under Section 6450 of the California Business and Professions Code a paralegal may not do any of the following: '' (1) Provide legal advice. (2) Represent a client in court. (3) Select, explain, draft, or recommend the use of any legal document to or for any person other than the attorney who directs and supervises the paralegal. (4) Act as a runner or capper, as defined in Sections 6151 and 6152. (5) Engage in conduct that constitutes the unlawful practice of law. (6) Contract with, or be employed by, a natural person other than an attorney to perform paralegal services. (7) In connection with providing paralegal services, induce a person to make an investment, purchase a financial product or service, or enter a transaction from which income or profit, or both, purportedly may be derived. (8) Establish the fees to charge a client for the services the paralegal performs, which shall be established by the attorney who supervises the paralegal's work. This paragraph does not apply to fees charged by a paralegal in a contract to provide paralegal services to an attorney, law firm, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity[.]'' If your concern is cost, then there are low-cost divorce assistance centers in the Bay Area. Good luck. -- T

Paralegal for Divorce Paperwork

May 2003

My soon to be ex-husband and I are in the process of doing our own divorce, with the help of some NOLO press books. Assuming we don't need the expertise of a lawyer or lawyer/mediator, I would potentially like to work with someone who could fill out the forms and file the paperwork. Has anyone worked with a good paralegal to do this type of work? What is the typical cost? Any advice would be appreciated!

Yes, I would like to recommend Affordable Legal Clinic Carol Willis Paralegal, Carol is located at 1970 Broadway Suite 615 Oakland, Ca 94612 #510-268-1516.

Carol is quite efficient I just filed my divorce paper work several weeks ago, because my spouse and I had no assets and one minor child which will remain with me the process was easy. Carol completed all the necessary paperwork, I was only responsible for taking the paperwork to the court to file, filing cost was $231.50. The cost for Carol to prepare my paperwork was $300.00. I really liked working with Carol she was great and very understanding being that she has been in the business for 15 years + and recently went through a divorce herself. I have passed the 30 day process and signed off on my dissolution documents. My divorce will be final October 22, 2003. Good luck! and enjoy your single lives. ANM

The SJ Mercury News had an article recently about Online Divorces which may be what you are looking for. It is here: It's worth looking at. anon
Any facilitator's office of a family law court can help you with divorce papers. You can pick them up and fill them out for free. You do not need to pay someone $300 to help you! Especially if you do not have any assets,eg a pension or a home. I run a clinic out of the SF Facilitator's office that helps people with their divorce. You must have minimal assets, no home and be below a certain income guideline. The name of the program is FLASH. Our number is (415)551-5970. Please call, I would be happy to help. Leongah
I used a paralegal by the name of Monica Ackerman in Hayward. She is very competent, warm and caring. Some great qualities in a paralegal for a very unpleasant process. The name of her business is Divorce Assistance and Mediation. Her number is 510- 733-0779. anon