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  • Medallion signature guarantee: where?

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    I have some forms to change ownership of some Series EE US savings bonds that require a medallion guarantee.

    Where have you gotten this? I used to use a broker at Wells Fargo but I closed that account so can't use him.

    Please answer this if you have a lead for where I can get a medallion guarantee  - thanks!

    I just did this at Wells Fargo (the branch on San Pablo in El Cerrito).  While I am a Wells Fargo customer, I think they still offer the service to non-WF customers.  But, I would probably call and ask.  I think most banks do it but you need to make sure that the specific branch has a person on staff that can do it.  I did not even know what this was!  (Needed it for Series I bonds).  Good luck!

    I assume you don't have a local bank branch?  I don't either (bank with USAA), but I called and asked USAA and they said I could go to any local credit union, which worked fine.  I don't know if USAA actually has an agreement with the credit union association to provide this service or if it's just as the other poster said, that in fact any bank will do it. Assuming you aren't completely unbanked, I'd call and ask your checking account provider for advice.  Or, just try a credit union!

    I got a medallion guarantee at Chase Bank in downtown Berkeley, and the young man who helped me was fantastic. He knew what to do and was friendly and professional through the process. He did need to coordinate by phone with their corporate office, so it took some time (about an hour). That may have been because I was acting as power of attorney for the bond holder, so there were some additional steps to verify that I wasn't stealing anyone's money. I used Chase because the money from the bond redemption was being transferred to the bond holder's checking account there. But I think you could use any bank to do this. 

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Notary who will come to my home

Jan 2008

I am looking for a reliable, friendly, flexible and MOBILE notary who would be willing to travel to my home office in Kensington. I would love to support my local notary so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sarah

I highly recommend Velocity Mobile Notary. Velocity Mobile Notary is a very reliable and friendly mobile notary. They go out of their way to make it convenient for you. The number is 510-525-4668. rishida

Notary for Adoption paperwork

April 2007

We are at the beginning of the International Adoption process. There are MANY documents that need to be notarized. We are trying to find a way to avoid the $10-$12 per signature fee. I would appreciate any recommendations/ideas and/or names of adoption-friendly notaries who would likely give a 'bulk discount.' Thanks so much. adoptfriendly

Now that we are complete with our adoption process, I saw on one of the local adoptive parents' boards that AAA gives a discounted rate on notary services. I couldn't confirm this on their website, but it's worth checking.

If you are looking for a traveling notary, we used Olin Covington ( and he was very reasonable (I think his rates depend where you are, as he is out of the Tri-Valley area).

My one other bit of advice is to make sure whichever notary you use really knows what they are doing. I made the mistake for one of my documents to use a ''friend of a friend'' at work for free who was a licensed notary but didn't do it all the time. What do you know -- it was done wrong and got rejected.

Good luck with the ''paper chase!'' China Mom

Notary for International Adoption

Oct 2006

We are in the process of putting the dossier together for our China Adoption. Our first step is to have many documents notarized. Do you know of any notary public that is knowledgeable with notarizing documents for international adoption? Possibly a discount for adoption documents or multiple signatures? The notary's seal will have to be certified by the Secretary of State (which is our second step). Thank you!

When we did paperwork for our international adoption, we did not find a notary that would give us a discount. I do want to give you a heads up though about Alameda County notaries. I found this out the hard way. When you take all the notarized documents to the Secretary of State's office in Sacramento, if there are any questions about the notary's signature, Alameda County is the only county that will not give the Secretary of State's office information over the phone. So, I ended up waiting for half a day for them to find the information and fax it to the Secretary of State's office. If I ever have to do this again, I would go to a notary in a different county! Anon.
Aardvark Notary is very helpful and mistake free. They always have a notary on staff, which is rare, and they have a mobile service for an extra fee. They are located on Telegraph at 45th. One of their notaries was adopted in the 60's; he is a great guy. or 510.6016133 Rick

After-hours notary

Feb 2004

Hello, Does anyone know of a notary who can come to your home in the evening? I need someone who could come after 6:30 when my husband is home from work. Thanks for any help... heidi

A friend of mine, Kate Diaz-Moreira will travel to you to notarize documents. Her phone number is: (510) 531-4778 Her e-mail address is: katemoreira [at] She is a very fun person who is incredibly reliable and cheerful, sure to make a mildly annoying task as enjoyable as humanly possible. Myriam
Email Anu Kishnani at a.kishnani [at] She is a notary and makes evening house calls. I don't know where you live so I don't know if she will travel that far, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck!
Eve Wilkinson is a notary who will come to your house almost any time. She is very friendly and is very tolerant of interuptions by children. I think she is available Sunday - Friday all day and Monday - Thursday evenings. Her phone is 510-910-5687 and e-mail is eva.wilkinson [at] Lisa
Hi. I have a friend that is a notary and does work in the evenings. She will travel to you if needed. Her name is Eve Wilkenson. Her phone number is 510-910-5687. She's also an expert seamstress, so if you need anything hemmed, made, or altered, give her a ring. beth