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How to bring an invention idea to fruition??

March 2013

Hi all, I have an idea for a product that I would like to invent and market. However, I really don't know how to progress it. I have contacted an invention company but they want to charge at least $395 for a patent and then more as the idea progresses. I know I can conduct an online patent search but I believe it may not be as comprehensive as a professional and my idea is somewhat difficult to search for as it could be titled a number of things. A preliminary search revealed that there is no similar product that has been patented to date but I do not know what the next step is. Has anyone out there invented something before and saw it to fruition? Can you recommend a person or company that I can consult or partner with? Thanks in advance. Michelle.

Hi Michelle \xe2\x80\x93 I know just the right resource for you. She\xe2\x80\x99s Tamara Monosoff, an east bay mom and the founder of Mom Inventors; her website is Her mission is to support women as they assess their product ideas and successfully bring them to market. She has written a slew of books for inventors, but just published a new one that seems right on point for you; it\xe2\x80\x99s called How Hot is Your Product: Find out if Your Product Idea Will Make or Cost You Money. She also offers group mentoring and training. I hope this will help you; best of luck! TH

Patented Green Engine Needs Commercial Development

June 2011

My elderly father is a retired science teacher and holds a patent on an engine he's invented, a steam to vacuum device that could recapture exhaust steam from some other process. He has a prototype in the garage. We need some contacts, ideas, and help in determining how to proceed, how to get this great idea developed. I posted this a few years ago,and after a few false starts, he is now ready to proceed! Thanks in advance for your expertise. Bonnie

hi~ my father was a lifelong inventor in the bicycle tool industry. before he passed he helped a good friend with his 'green engine'. i am currently working on a product idea(s) myself and found this organization to be an excellent resource.

bay area & sacramento chapters are the closest. i've attended the mountain view monthly meetings and sought specific advice their with one-on-one consulting. monthly keynote speakers are patent attorneys, business consultants, marketing & commercial development pros...

i like this group as there's usually a good pool of extremely bright folks in the room, specifically stanford / silicon valley types among others to bounce ideas off of. also, a healthy dose of everyone else, from young engineering bucks, & retirees to soccer moms. ideas range from concepts stage to folks with patents in hand.

oh and by the way, it's legit; not a fraud type org like you fine in t.v. commercials... best of luck! idea girl

Bonnie, I remember seeing your post some time back and may have given you the same response back then so sorry if this is a repeat. Being an inventor myself your posting caught my eye. The best guide is a book called Patent It Yourself by David Pressman published by Nolo Press for about $25. I used myself for my first patent. It has all the forms and lays out the process in a step by step easy to understand outline. You can email me directly if there is anything else I might help with. jt

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