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Need Renter's Insurance

July 2012

After paying every month for 20+ years for renter's insurance through CSAA, they dropped me because I made two claims last year. I appealed but was denied. Anyone have a suggestion for a company or broker who would insure me? I don't mind a large deductible, since I will probably never make a small claim again ... but if the house burns down I'd like to be covered. Am I uninsurable??

Give Tom Madden from Farmers a call. He and his wife Marjorie have been very helpful for us. Lot's of practical advice and a nice guy too.925-283-5083 Jacques

Renters insurance for pit mix owner

July 2012

Hi everyone, I have a dog who is probably part pit bull (best guess is pit-sharpei-something else) but definitely not a purebred and no proof of what she is at all (rescue dog, listed as a ''boxer mix'' probably to not scare people away). I want to get renters insurance but if you have a pit bull, most places won't insure. Any recs for an insurance agent to talk to who understands? The dog has no history of bites and has been through obedience school if that matters. pit mix mama

As property owners, we require all tenants to maintain renters' insurance for any rental, with or without pets, because renters' insurance protects both renters and property owners. Two possibilities: Berkeley Property Owners' Association has a long history of finding information that is ''un-findable:'' - (510) 525-3666 Contact an insurance BROKER, not an in-house agent for an insurance company. We use Fidelity Insurance in Berkeley because Steve Holland seems to know the ins-and-outs of insurance: - (510) 548-8200 Good luck with your search, Careful property owner
Bad Rap (Bay Area Dog Lovers Responsible About Pitbulls) is a great resource for this sort of thing. I've posted links to their renter's resources page. We have USAA renter's insurance and we have a pit mix- only caveat with them is that I think you may need to have a family member who has served in the military (my dad in my case) but I'm not sure. There are also a bunch of mail order DNA kits you can use for $50-75 to determine you're dog's mixed breed ancestry. Hope that helps! Proud Pit -Mix Mama

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Can you recommend a company for renters insurance?

Aug 2005

Hello folks, I am looking for renters insurance and noticed there were only a few posts in the archives and they were from 1999. Does anyone have a good insurance company they could recommend for Renters Insurance. It also seems that although my boyfriend and I live together and have joint ownership of many items we have to buy seperate policies? I just had my car stolen and am feeling a bit nervous since I just bought a new bike so I am looking to cover for theft like bikes, computers, and antiques mainly. Thanks for any information. Nervous renter lkf

I had a very good experience getting renter's insurance from Farmer's Insurance Group through Philip Blakeney's office on Leimert off of Park Blvd. in Oakland. They were friendly and helpful. When I shopped around originally, I was rejected by other insurance offices because I'd had a burglary in the previous 6 months. I was in a similar situation to you, and I was able to have both my name and my boyfriend's name on the insurance policy. His bicycle was stolen from the house, and he made the claim and received reimbursement without any help from me. I cancelled the insurance about a year ago because we no longer needed it. Their number is 530-7445. Laura
Rommel Fernandez, Farmers Insurance Agent specializes in renters insurance. His phone is (415) 27-9090 rfernandez2 [at] He is a former social worker. He's warm, caring and a good listener.
Good for you that you have decided to buy renter's insurance! I have friends who have suffered enormous losses as uninsured renters . . . and renter's insurance is pretty inexpensive. I have always used Amica Insurance for all of my insurance needs (renter's, auto and now homeowner's insurance). They may not be the cheapest, but they are always a top-rated company by Consumer Reports. I had a pretty sizable loss as a Berkeley renter in the 90's, following a burglary. All of my electronics, cameras, my bike and my leather jackets (among other things) were taken. Amica was very responsive and reimbursed me above and beyond what I expected or even asked for. Given my financial situation at the time, I never could have afforded to replace even half of what was stolen. Make sure you get replacement cost coverage and not cash value! Amica does not advertise. You can reach them at 1-800-24-AMICA, I think. Happy I had renter's insurance

Do you have renter's insurance?

March 1999

Do you have renter's insurance? any recommendations? Thanks! Laura

I have purchased renter's insurance from Allstate for many years and have been happy with their service. I work with an agent in Southern California, but you can probably find them in the telephone book. I think their rates are probably in line with other major providers, but in my experience they have provided a particularly high level of customer service. I held a policy with them when I lived in Los Angeles, through one garage theft and the Northridge earthquake, and I was very pleased with how quickly and thoroughly my claims were addressed. The only part that's a bit inconvenient is that although they provide full replacement cost coverage on contents, they do so by first paying depreciated value on the item. Once you actually replace it, you submit the receipt to you and they reimburse you the difference. Kristina

We have always had renter's insurance, because it covers more than theft in an apartment. It covers losses due to fire, including fire caused by earthquakes (earthquake insurance is separate). Additionally, it covers bicycles stolen while parked, cameras lost during travel, etc. We are getting ours through CSAA . We found their rates to be very reasonable. Barbara
I had renter's insurance from AAA for about 4 years. Cost was about $70/year, depending on how much you want to insure for. When my bike was stolen from my garage, they were very prompt in sending a replacement check. I now have AAA for my homeowners ins. also. Kathy