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Conexis nightmare, how to subpoena phone records

May 2010

I am having trouble with UC's CONEXIS (what else is new?) -- they claim not to have received the 6 page claim I faxed them in February. My home machine wasn't set to print fax confirmation. I resubmitted it after not getting any reply from them, but it was after the 2009 submission deadline, and they won't honor this submission unless I PROVE to them that I had submitted it earlier, by their deadline. I spoke with SBC Local, to obtain my phone records, but since it was a TOLL FREE number, they claimed not to have access to those numbers called. I will have to subpoena my own phone records through the courts. I have a SUBP-010 form and a SUBP-025 form, but think I need a lawyer to do this. Anyone ever tried this before? Do you recommend a reasonable lawyer to assist? weary of CONEXIS

Is it possible on your machine to print out an activity report? Our machine prints out the most recent 30 operations. A separate report can be printed for confidential reception documents.

Our machine is at least 15 years old, so yours may be newer and have other options.

Consult your manual and see if your machine has accessible information.Perhaps the manufacturer's customer service people can tell you how to access sent fax numbers even beyond what is in the manual. hope you find your receipt

This doesn't directly answer your question, but I had a similarly frustrating experience with UC's healthcare reimbursement company in 2006. Have you tried asking the HR/Benefits office for help? My HR rep referred me to someone (sorry, I'm not sure who, but she might have had a title like benefits advocate, and she might have been in the office of the president) who was able to advocate for me and resolve the situation quickly. Maybe you've already tried this, but I just thought I'd mention it in the hopes that you could be spared more time and energy on this. Good luck
I have had ongoing issues with this inept group. They refuse to reimburse my claims for various and incomprehensible reasons. When you email/fax, they claim to not have received documentation. When you phone, you are told that something was received, but the customer ''service'' representative cannot answer for the claims administrator. They can only verify receipt of documentation or not. After repeated efforts, I have learned that we lowly customers are not allowed to speak with claims administrators, supervisors, or anyone with any sort of decision-making power. So the claims continue to rest in limbo, and with each additional effort, new, incorrect and/or incomprehensible reasons are given on the claim rejection notices.

I am no expert, but this seems to border on illegal. They have our money, they ignore the rules, and there is no due process for recovery.

I share your frustration and am also looking into legal options. amy

Just print the transmission report from your fax machine. (This is different than the ''print fax confirmation''. But this will only be helpful if the date and time are set correctly on your FAX machine.

I've worked in tech for a number of years. SBC has the records even to an 800 number, but you will spend fortune and a lot of time in trying to subpoena them. (They will fight you the entire way.) You cannot deal with the local office folk; you'll have to do it through their lawyers. And their lawyers will not talk to you, only to your lawyer and only after you have filed a legal action.

It would be much easier and less costly for you to sign a declaration or statement of fact. ANON

Dependent Care reimbursement with CONEXIS

Nov 2009

I am writing to find out if there are any other Macintosh users who have problems submitting for Dependent Care reimbursement online with CONEXIS. My specific issue right now: When using Firefox with pop-up blockers turned off as instructed, I complete the online claim form. When I go to Print using the Print button at the bottom of that page, rather than print, it downloads a .aspx file to my downloads folder. It does not open a PDF file for me to print, sign, scan, and upload to their site. I am on a new Intel iMac running OS X Leopard 10.5.8 and am running the latest Adobe Reader and have my Mac configured to use Adobe Reader for PDFs (rather than Preview). If anyone on a Macintosh is able to successfully use the online claim form, please reply. Thanks! CONEXIS-challenged

I'm sorry that I don't have an answer to your question, but I wanted to chime in: CONEXIS is the pits! It doesn't work, is incredibly time-consuming, and seems designed to discourage people from collecting the funds they have paid out for child care and medical expenses. Aside from just venting, I am wondering... are there other people out there who would like to take this matter to the Benefits office to complain? They switched over to CONEXIS (which seems to be based far away, in Texas or something) and it has just been a nightmare. I have better things to do with my time than wrestle with a data system. Anybody interested in a little protest? Linda
I have the same issues, and usually end up using Safari to open the PDF and print the form. It won't open if you are using Firefox. I then fax it to CONEXIS from work. They usually process the claim in 3-5 days. Kaety
we ended up running explorer through bootcamp to do this as we couldn't even set up our account when using the mac. anon
I have a PC and I can't use their online form. i fill it all out and with the next click, all my hard work dissappears. I just go print out their PDF and fill it all in manually and then fax the whole mess to them with all the copies ot receipts etc. technology is a drag. it's them, not you
My husband was just doing this last night -- he uses Safari and it worked fine. Might want to switch browsers. Good luck. alix
Had the same problem. CONEXIS customer support was useless. I print out the blank forms and fill them in by hand. Hope someone has a better way. Cathy
I have had the same problem you describe with Conexis failing to print Dependent Care reimbursement forms on my iMac. My solution - alas, not very helpful to you - has been to print the forms on my PC. You didn't mention whether you are affiliated with the University of California, which switched administration of Flexible Spending Accounts to Conexis in January. The UC liaison with Conexis is Jesus Loo, and if you are UC-affiliated I urge you (and others having similar problems) to contact him at Jesus.Loo [at] The online claims submission procedure is clunkier with Conexis than with the previous account adminstrator SHPS. I noticed many irritating computer issues right from the start, and it took some effort for me to locate the correct person at UC to complain to. Although I've been thanked for calling these issues to their attention, I haven't seen a lot of progress in correcting problems which I believe a nimble IT department at Conexis should easily have remedied. Mr. Loo recognizes that many in the UC community are Mac users and he may have more clout with Conexis if he hears from more people having this and other problems. optimoms
I wanted to follow up to my own posting, and thank those who have responded thus far. I went to an Open Enrollment session today and found out that the appropriate person at UCB to direct feedback about CONEXIS to is the following: Sharon Johnson Health Care Facilitator sdjohnson [at] When I mentioned to her some of the challenges with CONEXIS, she asked that feedback be sent directly to her so that she could forward it to the appropriate folks at UCOP. Thank you to those who offered workarounds to my current problem with CONEXIS and my Mac. I have since also discovered that one can use Adobe Reader to open a .aspx file on a Mac, so that was very helpful. Co-founder of the I Hate CONEXIS club