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October 2001

I've seen requests for insurance recommendations a long time ago, but I think the following info may be very useful to readers: Last Sunday, our 1994 Saturn was stolen from the Denny's in El Cerrito (Police said thieves in the area are stealing many 1994 Saturn w/ a master key). In the meanwhile, we found out from our insurance company, AMICA, that we had dropped Comprehensive on the older Saturn 2 years ago! No theft coverage. Upon the advise of an attorney, Michael Sullivan who was consulting me on a separate contractor problem, we called AMICA and asked them if they could help us. We dropped comprehensive out of ignorance or from miscommunication of what that meant. We intended to drop only collision on the old car. They came back within 24 hours and announced that they would cover the loss! We got our car back, but AMICA didn't know that yet and benevolently gave us coverage when they had no obligation. I've never been as satisifed with any service as I've been w/ AMICA for also past claims. They speak like human beings on the other end, not like jaded beaurocrats. Our Claims rep is Donna Covony and Underwriter was Laurie Teckham. 1-800-385-6377. We're now going to look into their life insurance as well. Susan

August 2000

I am looking into insurance for a new home. Amica offers really good rates, but I had never heard of the company before. Has anyone had experience with it? Thanks! Mary
I've been insured by AMICA for car and home for many years. They are a very reputable company and consistently get top ratings in Consumer Reports. Alison
I do not have a policy with this company, but when my husband and I bought our house last year I did some research on homeowner's insurance companies and Amica is rated Number 1 in a Consumer Reports reader survey, best in service, policy coverage, rates. They are one of the few companies who actually issue earthquake insurance themselves, rather than going through the CA Earthquake Authority and charging ridiculous premiums. However, because of this and their policy of insuring lower risk houses, they insist on seismic retrofitting and they come and inspect your house. A benefit, though, is that because they are a mutual company, when you buy a policy you are in effect buying a piece of the company, which means you get a dividend at the end of every year which effectively lowers your premium. They have an 800 number (don't know what it is), and a web site for further research: Good luck! Erin
We have had Amica car insurance for about five years and their renter's insurance for about a year. We've never had to make a claim so can't speak to how the company works when there's actually a loss of some kind. However, I can say that it's always been easy to get questions answered and make changes to our policies, and the general customer service has been great. They certainly had the lowest rates we could find, and in addition, you get a substantial rebate check at the end of each year! The northern California regional office is nearby-- in San Rafael. Alisa
In response to the question about Amica life insurance I did some research on car insurances and Amica was rated #1 by a consumer type magazine. They are a bit more expensive, but my experience with them has been wonderful in every way. After having left the cheaper AAA insurance with the worst records for customer service, I whole heartedly recommend Amica for auto insurance... I don't know what they're like for life insurance. Susan