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    Anyone used AIM Insurance?

    Jan 2011

    Hi - I am four months pregnant and applying for CA's Access for Infants and Mothers Program (AIM). I have been getting the runaround from Healthnet as to what medical groups and providers I can choose from. Has anyone used AIM during pregnancy/childbirth? Can you share your experience and any practitioners you recommend? Thanks! Kate

    Hi there, I used AIM when I was pregnant in 2004. It was blue cross then. I was sent a booklet with the names of doctors covered under their plan. I reviewed then called them with my selection. Have you received any info from healthnet llike that? If you are calling the generic 800 they probably have no clue. I remember that the blue cross i had was called blue cross soemthing special to distinguish it as the AIM coverage. Anyway, I used the one and only midwife listed at the time in the berkeley/oakland area - Debra Coleman located in pill hill and delivered at Alta Bates. It was a great experience overall and I was/am extremely grateful that CA (one of a very few states) offers care for those of us that can fall through the cracks so to speak. We don't qualify for medicare but can't buy insurance outright d/t $, preexisting condition (pregnancy!), etc. or have premiums that are prohibitive. I didn't care for the pediatric services very much I tried a couple of pediatricians and it never felt right. But I was glad to have something until we got insurance later through my husband's job. Overall, it was a easygoing experience for me. I enrolled, selected my provider, received care, and we arranged monthly payments. No complaints here.