IEP/504 in Middle School

Parent Q&A

  • Hello Parents of wonderful and gifted kids, I am a single mom who is currently looking at how to channel the public school system. My 11 year old son will be transferring to Marchus in Concord. He has an IEP. He has many struggles, ADHD, ODD, to name a few. What has your experience been if you have gone through a similar situation as mine?

    If you know of any parents groups/ advocates who are there to help vs. advocates who charge please share your experience or their contact info.

    I have come across so many advocates in the special ed section who charge so much money. I understand people have to make a living but this is a very vulnerable position to be in let alone being a single mom and having limited resources. 

    Id appreciate any advice or feedback you have. 



    Free advice can be found through DREDF - you can leave a voicemail on their IEP help line and usually get a call back in 48 hours. I’m in a Facebook group that’s very helpful - look up TM Special Needs IEP Support and you’ll find it. Hang in there!

    I would get in touch with DREDF and if you need someone to talk to about how to advocate I can at least share what I know. I'm a mom of a teen with adhd and ASD who had behavior difficulties.

    Check out 

    I am not sure what their geographical scope is, but this is exactly the kind of service they provide. 

    also check out and (special education section). 

    Good luck to you and our son