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Use commute time for writing?

March 2015

I am about to take a job with a long commute back and forth on public transport. I'd love to use the time to write: both for work and for personal writing. Trouble is, I am not so comfortable writing in public, am not sure I could really do this on a crowded train, and am not sure what the best mode to do this is (laptop, tablet, pad & pen?). I have a mac laptop that I recently invested in, and for safety reasons don't think I'd want to use in this capacity. I've never had an Ipad or tablet: does anyone find them good to write on? (am thinking of going this route for easy reading & emailing as well) Should I just go old school w/pen &paper. Please, commuter scribes, share your suggestions! Thanks!

I think the best thing is to try it and see what works for you. I personally review and edit (on paper) while on BART. I have seen a lot of people on laptops. I don't see too much editing on iPads, but that doesnt's mean that isn't happening. You can also listen to audio books or similar material. Good luck, Anon

I personally prefer a laptop or notebook for writing over a tablet because of the keyboard, which is faster and simpler. Think of it this way: tablets are great for consuming media, not as good for producing it. If you don't want to take your laptop, perhaps you can try out a separate wireless keyboard, but you'd need a flat stable surface for the keyboard and a stand to prop up the tablet. In your place I might stick with pad and paper, which encourages a different kind of writing. -Not Tablet Crazy

Not sure whether you are commuting by BART or bus, but if BART to SF, many people use laptops (I use my MacBook Air) to work on the ride. I don't think it's a safety issue at all. Obviously, don't leave the computer lying on the seat as you walk away, but otherwise it should be fine. The trick is getting a seat