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  • Hi All,

    Can anyone share any good personal experiences with storage companies in or near Berkeley? We need a decent space for overflow chairs, books, camping equipment, etc. It looks like this question hasn't been posted in a while, so recommendations would be much appreciated! (Perhaps obviously, I really want to avoid stuff getting moldy, infested with pests, or some other gross and unexpected outcome.)

    Thank you in advance! --F

    We’ve been happy with Extra Space Storage in Emeryville. It was the only one we were able to find that had climate controlled units.

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Storage & moving needed while away for 1 year

October 2006

My family is moving to Europe for one year. We are moving out of our rental house and need a good safe place to store our entire household (including a nice baby grand piano). Can anyone recommend a good storage facility in the area and good local movers? Stacey

I had a baby grand piano that had to be in storage for a year - I stored it with The Piano Movers (in Oakland) - it was in a climate controlled environment. They took great care of it, they are incredible movers, kind, careful, and really nice people. I'm so glad I didn't just stick it in a storage container! b

Storage Units in Berkeley?

December 2005

We have way too much stuff, especially books and kid stuff, and not nearly enough room. Time to find a storage unit, probably 8' x 8'? We'd like recommendations for both how to evaluate a storage service and any experiences you'd care to share with the ones in and near Berkeley. Please help us with advice and experiences with local storage spaces -- there's really nothing on the web site about this topic. Anything tricky (including horror stories), feel free to send directly to us. Thanks!

We're in the midst of remodeling our house and there's nothing like being surrounded by boxes to be reminded of how much stuff you have, and how little of it you really need. We decided to store some inherited furniture that my husband is loathe to part with.

Because we live in Berkeley, we thought we'd start with the local places, but were shocked to hear we'd have to pay $140/month for a 5x10 space. We talked to Public Storage and they offered us a place for $79 a month in Richmond or $99 in Alameda. We talked to some movers who recommended Payless Storage on Canal Street in Richmond (just before the bridge) which has climate controlled 5x10 spaces for $99, half off for the first 3 months. We went to check out both and were appalled by Public Storage and delighted by Payless. There was no comparison in terms of cleanliness, safety, accessibility, management. Payless Storage offers disc locks (which can't be cut easily), only one entrance, climate controlled option ($10 a month more), and a free moving truck. We ended up renting a 6x10 space.

A couple of things I learned about storage spaces in general - beware of ones with easy street access - there are many break-ins. Don't assume spaces are moisture proof. You must be careful never to fall behind in your monthly payments and you should visit your locker regularly to make sure everything's OK.

Here's a list of local spaces:


Storing 40 boxes of books

October 2001

We are looking for somewhere to store 40 boxes of books, probably for at least a year. The garage of the house we are renting seems damp and we don't want the books ruined. Does anyone know of a reliable storage service/business? Thank you in advance. Maryanne

If you end up using a storage locker such as Shurgard I suggest you separate the books from the concrete floor with some sort of raised wood platform. One is never supposed to put a box of books directly on a concrete floor. Another suggestion: Put a container with kitty litter in the same box as the books. Someone in a book treatment lab put a book that stank of mold in a covered container with kitty litter and although it tooks several months for the stink to go away, it eventually did. Perhaps the kitty litter would be as good in preventing the problem. Xanthippe