Moving to Stockton

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June 2004

We\x92re thinking about relocating to Stockton because there would be an interesting job for my husband and we\x92d like to spare the commute. However, nobody seems to know Stockton. Everybody knows where it is, but nothing more. Since we\x92re also fairly new to the Bay area, we\x92re not familiar at all with it and anything I can find on the Internet is less than encouraging (high crime rate, bad schools, etc.) Can anybody give me advise about where to move in Stockton or if it is wise to do so at all? Are there nice areas or towns near Stockton where living is better? We have to make a decision soon, so if anyone can help me, please do! Thanks a lot! ivonne

I spent a short time working in Stockton about 15 years ago. Admittedly, there are some sketchy areas in Stockton. However, there are some nice areas, too (no different then Oakland or Berkeley). The nicer areas I remember were in the northern part of the city. I think the area around UOP (University of the Pacific) was nice, too.

You might consider Tracy, Manteca, Lodi or Discovery Bay. Each is about 25-35 minutes from Stockton. Tracy has grown a lot in the past years, lots of commuters to the Bay Area live there. Discovery Bay is off Highway 4 and is somewhat isolated. Lodi is where I lived while working in Stockton. It's a nice little town. Hope this helps. Bob

You might check out Lodi, a smaller town not too far from Stockton. It's my sense that Stockton has some nice areas but might not make it into the top 20 places to live in Northern CA. A realtor could direct you to the nicer neighborhoods and tell you what the plusses are. One asset there is the University of the Pacific, a lovely private institution in the style of an old eastern college.

I think they just privitized water there, a policy which may be of concern. Stockton gets really hot in summer. Anon.