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October 2002

I am moving to St. Louis, MO (actually St. Peters a suburb of St. Louis) with my husband and two children (6 and 2). Any special children's groups or activities that you can pass on to me would be helpful. Also anything that will help me acclimate myself and family to the area would be appreciated. Thanks. Julianna

I grew up in a St. Louis suburb called University City. It is a college town and is very much like Berkeley on a smaller scale. I don't quite remember where St. Peters is, but you can look forward to free zoo, and free art museum in Forest Park. Free ice skating on the ponds there in the winter, too. The weather is mostly summer and winter, hardly any spring or fall. That'll take a while to get used to, but you will. Good luck. U. City Girl
Hi, I'm from St. Louis, and, admittedly, haven't lived there for a long time, but I do have some recommendations which might help. I went to a great preschool/elementary school, which is still going strong, called Forsyth School. It's located across the street from Washington University, which might be a drive from St. Peters(I lived closer in), but definitely worth looking into. Also, great places to take kids, all near Forest Park (the main city park built during the 1904 world's fair): the great zoo, the art museum, the science center. Also, in tower grove a bit south of there, the wonderful Missouri Botanical Garden. I'm sure that all of these city institutions have special programs for kids; they might be good places to start. St. Louis is a very kid-friendly city, and I think it's a good place to grow up. Now (autumn) is a great time of year to move there! The summer's might be a bit of an adjustment... Good luck! jerechter