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Saranap, WC - disadvantages of being unincorporated?

May 2012

My husband, toddler and I are looking to buy a house off the 24 corridor. We have seen several houses in the Saranap neighborhood between Lafayette and Walnut Creek. This is unincorporated Contra Costa County land. We don't know how that would affect us as residents of the area. Law enforcement is county sheriff instead of city police departments. Does this matter? Any other opinions about how a neighborhood not being a part of a city would affect us? house hunter

We've been living in Saranap for about a year and a half. This is the best place in the world. I am trying to think of a disadvantage to being an unincorporated area, but really, I can't think of any. I guess if you desperately wanted to vote in a city council election, you would be disappointed. This place is awesome, and I feel like many people who live here really like that identity--of NOT being part of Walnut Creek or Lafayette. I guess I would recommend making sure you know exactly what schools you'd end up going to because the boundaries are a little funny (we're part of the WC mailing address part, but our kids will go to Lafayette schools), but either way, your schools are good. Sometimes people call Saranap 'semi-rural,' which I think is just code for small houses with big, undeveloped yards. With a million deer. And some coyotes. I've never had to call the police/sheriff so I cannot respond to that particular question. Move here. It's awesome. Saranap Fan
We live in Saranap and haven't exp. any disadvantages, but there is Saranap neighborhood assoc. discussion about whether or not annexing into Lafayette/WC would be better. We have Lafayette schools, and we have had to call the CC Sheriff with a few concerns and they were extremely responsive, quick and helpful. One benefit there seems to be fewer restrictions in terms of remodeling (at least compared to Lafayette guidelines-fitting into current neighborhood) so there is a wider range of styles of homes, people can have chickens, roosters. We don't have sidewalks, but it is a very walkable (lots of kids and dogs), friendly, primarily liberal neighborhood. Lori