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Somewhere in the Northwest...

Jan 2006

We're trying to figure out where to move to, out of the Bay Area crowdedness and high cost of living.. Does anyone have any information on Vancouver, Washington like politics (is it leftish or rightish), crime, schools? If anyone knows a ''perfect'' town (not city) in the vicinity or also the Western part of Oregon, not more than an hour from the coast, that would be great!

There are a couple of good websites that, based on your input, will provide various locations that should suit your tastes. See these websites for more info: There is demographic information for places across the country. Hope that helps. Rebecca
Check out this site: Cathy
Oh, how my heart is so much a part of the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the Northwest (Washington and Oregon). So I know much of it like the back of my hand. The most progressive towns that come to my mind in WA and OR are Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Eugene. One way that I judge these towns as progressive is the presence of arts and culture, population demographics and diversity (people of color and people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered). Washington as a whole is more progressive than Oregon. This is not to say that every place in Washington is progressive. Oregon politics is very extreme on both sides. It was the state that first put on the ballot the right to die through medical means, and in the early 90's put on the ballot that homosexuals should not be allowed to teach. It has very leniant politics. The Portland area usually sets the political tone for the state. Vancouver may be a bit on the progessive side due to its proximity to Portland. Some people who work in Portland live in Vancouver. For more information about the schools and the city itself contact the Vancouver city hall. They might be able to give you some more information. A few tips: Oregon has no sales tax (unless that has changed). If you live in Oregon and shop in WA that no sales tax may be honored. There is great Outlet Shopping in Centralia, WA which is about 20 miles south of Olympia off of I-5. On the main interstates in WA the speed limit is 70 mph. Do not go over that speed limit. Don't go 1-3 mph over that speed limit. The police hover near that Columbia bridge and will ticket people. The speed limit is strictly enforced. Good luck! West Coaster