Moving to Oregon

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Jan 2005

We've been considering moving to Bend, Oregon. We visited the area a few years ago and have a trip planned this Spring but we'd love to hear some real testamonials about what it's like to either raise a family or grow up in Bend. We've done some research and we know the numbers regarding diversity, precipitation, population, economic outlook...but if there is anyone out there with some real exerience we'd love to hear what you think. Michelle

I have lots of family in Bend & visit there frequently. My sister/brother in-law just bought a new house in a beautiful development and what surprised me was that its not ''cheap''. They bought a 3 bed/2 bath -- 1700 or so sq feet -- yard smaller than ours -- walk to elementry school, 2 car garage -- $360K or so. I thought it would be much cheaper. Public transportation literally does not exisit and even though they are close to town they drive alot. But, the weather is great - yes snow but SUN and lots of it. Great outdoor activities 4 seasons a year. Decent high schools (another brother in law is a teacher at one). Good resturants & cute downtown. I assume you have the job thing figured out becuase that could be tough. We have considered it and until we get the job thing figured out are staying put. go for it!