Living in the Oakmore District

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June 2009

We have been doing as much research on the Oakmore area that we can, but the input from this community, in particular, is greatly appreciated and valued. A son is on the way and excited to relocate to the East Bay and purchase a house. Is anyone here, familiar with the Oakmore area of Oakland - how are the people, the community, the schools, etc? In advance, thank you for your input! Danny

We've lived in the Oakmore Highlands neighborhood for 4 years and absolutely love it. When we bought our house we had no idea about the area but quickly grew to love it. It's safe, quiet and picturesque. We walk our dogs every day and often late at night and have always felt safe. Everyone is very friendly. Over the years, we've become very good friends with several of our neighbors. There is a neighborhood association, which I'm embarrassed to say I haven't joined, that seems very active. There are children of all ages and families without children. I've never replied to any BPN posting before but felt compelled to this time because I love my neighborhood so much. I think your son would feel very lucky to live here. Oakmore Highlands Resident for Life

I had to look up ''Oakmore,'' but discovered that it is where my mother-in-law and my husband's aunt & uncle live. It's also where my husband grew up. It' a pretty neighborhood, generally safe (although my MIL's house was broken into when they were away for an extended period). There are still a lot of people my husband knows from when he was growing up (he's 42 now), so it is a stable neighborhood. I can't speak to whether it has a community of families with kids.

My husband went to Glenview elementary, and it looks as if Glenview still serves most of the neighborhood. I know a number of parents with kids currently at Glenview and they are very happy with it. It is one of Oakland's up-and-coming schools, not one of the ''there are only five good schools in Oakland'' five (I'm being facetious; I've definitely heard that said but don't agree). It is a very nice, good school that I seriously considered for my daughter.

Apparently, across the street from my MIL's house is in the Joaquin Miller Elementary zone. You can read up on that one here at BPN.

The zones on either side are Crocker Highlands and Sequoia. I also know families at Crocker who really like it. Crocker is a bit less diverse than Glenview, a bit better test scores. Sequoia has similar demographics to Glenview and performs similarly. I wouldn't hesitate to send my daughter to any of the four elementaries I mentioned.

The neighborhood has easy access to the 13 Hwy and 580. The Glenview commercial district below and Montclair village above have restaurants and services. The restaurant scene in Glenview, in particular, seems to be on the upswing. Carrie