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How to get a parking permit in Berkeley for nanny?

Jan 2006

Does anyone know whether or not there is a way to get permit parking in Berkeley without proof of registration? We recently moved to Elmwood, and we do not have off-street parking. We were able to get L parking stickers for our 2 cars as they are registered to our new Berkeley address. However, I am unable to get my nanny a parking permit because her car is not registered at my house. Is there any way around this??

We learned that the city of Berkeley allowed permits to be issued for caregivers upon receiving a Dr's note that in home care is required. When my children were infants, they were premature and did have health issues, and our Dr. was more than willing to sign a note saying we needed to have in-home assistance. We've not had a problem getting it renewed (for the same person who still helps to care for our children.) Also Parking Challenged

Parking permit in Rockridge for nanny?

May 2003

I am moving to Oakland (specifically Rockridge) and will be having a nanny working at my house 2 days a week. Our new neighborhood has 2 hour/residential permit parking, and we don't have a driveway. Can anyone give me advice on what to do about the nanny's car? Patty

I also had the same problem (and I live in Rockridge) and asked the permit parking people what they would suggest. Unfortunately, the best they could recommend was that I get either day or 2-week permit from them. The daily permits are $1 each, and the 2-week permit is $5, but the catch is that you have to know the 2-week period when you request it (but not the daily permit). There is no limit on the daily permits, and I don't think there's a limit on the 2-weekers either. Not a great solution, but the only one they provide. Good luck! Kelly

I live in Rockridge and we are allowed 3 permanent parking passes per address. I believe that is the case in the entire neighborhood. You are also able to purchase daily (and maybe weekly) guest passes. I was told when I bought some recently that I could buy as many as I wanted. If you need all 3 permanent passes for your own vehicles, you will have to purchase the daily passes, at $1.00 each. They used to sell 2 week passes for $5.00 but I haven't gotten those recently and am not sure if that is how it works anymore. In any case, you need to provide some basic proof of residency and vehicle ownership like a utility bill and registration. I don't have the tele# handy but call the City Manager's office and they can direct you. 238-3301 Nicole

In the last Advice Given, someone mentioned that in Rockridge you can get 3 parking permits per residence, and that you need to show proof of residence and/or registration of vehicle to that address. How do you get around the fact that the nanny does not live there? Do people lie about nanny's address, or get a bill of nanny's diverted to their address, or something more complex like register the nanny's car to their address? These options seem too risky. We were told by the city hall that we could not get a parking permit for a nanny (we also need one for 2 day a week). We have been trying to figure out what to do, as our nanny has already received a ticket which we have to pay for. If anyone can shed a little more light on this situation I would appreciate it greatly - and apparently I'm not the only one! S in Rockridge

Regarding the parking permit for nannies, I'm not sure if you're in Berkeley or Oakland, but I understand that Berkeley used to allow this and has recently changed the rule, claiming that allowing such permits for nannies was a violation of city law. Now, only caregivers for the elderly can get a permit. As we don't have a driveway (and the City has told us that it isn't likely we can get a permit to get a driveway), this means that our nanny has to park on a nearby busy street where there is permit-free parking, which makes it dangerous for her to load two kids into the car. I've brought this up with our city counsel rep, but haven't heard back and need to follow up. You may want to take the issue up with yours as well. Ellen

Don't have a driveway, where can babysitter park?

Oct 2002

I was recently informed that the city of Berkeley will no longer issue parking permits for babysitters. My baby sitter needs to park on my street from 8-3 one day a week, and I am using up the ten one-day permits allowed for a year quickly. I know there must be many other parents that have a problem with this. I am in a panic. I, like many other Berkeley parents, rent my home and do not have access to a driveway. I'm in a real panic about this. When I asked the manager of the parking service what she suggested I do, she just said that it is not in the ordinance to issue these permits and it was only done as a courtesy last year. That still doesn't answer my question. How are other parents with babysitters in their homes handling this? lr

Can your sitter come to your home on public transit? Or perhaps you can pick up and drop off him/her? jill