Moving to Montreal

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Oct 2007

We are wondering whether to Montreal. I'd love to hear from anyone with experience living there AND anyone with specific info. on how, and at what cost, Americans can legally reside (including live, work, enroll children in the schools, and establish medical coverage). Anyone already researched this, or have friends already there?! Ready to expatriate

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Jan 2005

My family (with 2 year old) has an opportunity to move to Montreal for a couple of years. We're looking for advice about living there, meeting other families, getting day care, and working at McGill University, as well as advice on how best to rent out our home in Oakland and learn about US-Canada tax implications. Any info would be a great help! Thanks! Cindy

My husband is from Montreal and I am from Quebec City but all my friends are in Montreal now. Here are my advises. Where to live: the Western you go on the island, the more anglophone you get. I really like St-Laurent. It is a nice and very diverse city (now part of Montreal) with all kinds of housing, near the metro (subway). You have to live near a station if possible because driving in the winter and traffic is no fun. Get this, childcare is subsidized and cost $5 a day. That's right. Well they might increase it to $7 a day next year. There may be a waiting list for the childcare you choose but it should not be long. McGill University is easily reached by subway from anywhere along the subway system. House prices have gone up in the last 5 years but it is nothing compared to here. For rental, be aware that ALL leases are from July 1st to June 30th and it might be hard to ''break'' a lease. As far as taxes are concerned, if you are American citizens there are not many implications. American citizens are taxed from their worldwide income. Since taxes are MUCH higher in Canada you won't have anything to pay in the U.S. Oh yes, health care is also subsidized which means that everyone is covered as long as you pay your taxes. And gays can get married. And women HAVE to keep their maiden names when they get married. Boy is it a great place or what... except that I hope you are ready for surviving February in Montreal. Missing Montreal