Living in Canyon

Archived Q&A and Reviews

April 2003

Does anyone have information about life in Canyon - in particular the schools & the community, and how to find property there? My husband and I are very interested in learning about the area and possibly living there, but are having a hard time finding a real estate agent with much information on/expertise in the area. I understand that because it's a small community and turnover is low, listings are infrequent - and may not exist since homes are sometimes not sold in a conventional way - i.e., with agents. Any recommendations or leads for us would be really appreciated. Thanks - tamarah

I too looked at homes in Canyon - there was one for sale about 18 months ago listed by a Lamorinda based Prudential agent, you might try calling an office over there. I poked around at the time and found this: I recall reading that kids should have an extra set of clothes at school in case they get wet playing in the creek; I loved that! I don't recall how I first stumbled upon the home - maybe just a broad search on or Actually, now that I think about it, there was a second home for sale then too, but way out of my range. I can't recall if it was agent listed or not. I decided not to pursue the one home because it was in too poor repair (it's very moist back there) and begrudgingly decided the community is too remote for my family's other needs. I think the school has ''open houses'' where you'd be sure to meet other families and make a connection and I think some kids even bus in from outer areas of Moraga and Orinda. Good luck! wistful

Houses don't come up for sale very frequently in Canyon, but when they do it's often posted first at the post office bulletin board in Canyon. The Canyon School is indeed lovely, and many of the children come from outside of the district. Give them a call and you can get information about their transfer process. Good Luck.