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​April 2011

Re: Affordable Tot-friendly Oakland Neighborhoods
We live in the Adam's Point neighborhood in a 2 bedroom for $1495. That's more than you said you wanted to pay, but there are LOTS of rentals in this neighborhood for much less. This is a very VERY nice neighborhood. I love living here!

We came from Mountain View about 6 months ago having never really lived in an 'urban' environment. I was a bit apprehensive at first with everything being so close together, lots of foot traffic and more, but it turned out to be even better (IMO) from Mt. View.

Anyway, Great things about living here:

1) 2 parks close by - one by the lake (and next to a nature area, beautiful gardens, Children's Fairyland) and one by the library.

2) Library is walking distance and has lots of activities (I've never been, but my husband has).

3) Trader Joes, CVS, Walgreens, Arizmendi, and Whole Foods are all easy walking distance as well as the farmer's market on Saturday.

4) Many gyms are walking distance - Golds, YMCA, 24 hour fitness.

5) EASY access to buses. BART is less than a mile away, depending on where you live in the neighborhood. Casual carpool is accessible through 2 places in the neighborhood, too (one at Lakeshore and one at Perkins), which I take every day to work.

6) Lots of good food on Lakeshore and Grand. Even clothing and shoe stores are close.

Basically, we have 2 cars and have rarely used them. We frequently walk around the lake and have LOVED living here. I walk by myself many parts of the day or night (I am female) and have NEVER felt unsafe. I highly recommend this neighborhood. It can be a little noisy at times on the weekend, but 95% of the time it's actually surprisingly quiet and serene! Loving Adam's Point

Jan 2008

Re: Baby-friendly Renting in Berk/Oakland/Emeryville
We're up to our knees in babies here in Adams Point, Oakland, and there are a lot of signs up for rentals in the neighborhood. Check on Craigslist for rentals in the neighborhood. BART is nearby, libraries and parks right down the street. Expect to pay around $1400 and up for a two-bedroom. Good luck! suzanne