Moving to Rio Vista

Archived Q&A and Reviews

November 2001

I would like to know if anyone is familiar with Rio Vista. Would like to know what it is like to live there ect... Elisa

I grew up in Rio Vista and lived there, off & on, until July 2000. It is a very small town, having a population of about 2500 for years. However, the population is now spiking since there is a retirement community (Summerset) and a relatively new housing development (Homecoming) both on the outskirts of town. I love Rio Vista but it does have its downside. There is only one grocery store & no clothing stores. The closest larger shopping areas are in Antioch (16 miles), Fairfield (22 miles), and Lodi (22 miles). Because there are limited roads into town & it is a major thruway from Fairfield (I80) to Lodi/Stockton (I5), the traffic has gotten substantially worse over the years. . Vanessa