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  • House cleaner recommendations in SF

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    Hi we are looking for a new house cleaner. We live in SOMA in San Francisco. Any recommendations would be appreciated!  Thank you. 

    Hello! We absolutely love our housekeeper, Lupita. She comes every week to clean the entire house, do the dishes and laundry. We’ve been working with her for a year and can’t recommend her enough. I know she’s also looking to expand her client base and would be happy to talk to you. You can text her at 510-860-1577‬. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about working with her!

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  • Hello! I am seeking house cleaning support for myself and my clients. Searching for someone who has worked with folks with chemical sensitivities and inflammation issues related to illness.

    here are some of the precautions I’d like them to take:

    • All house cleaning products will be provided by client, and are free and clear, non-toxic. (includes mops, vacuum cleaner etc)
    • Are willing to wear a KN-95 mask the entire time you are in the house (provided by client)
    • Willing to rapid COVID test each week before the session (test provided) 
    • Are familiar with scent and chemical sensitivities, (no scented body products or clothing detergents, please!). 
    •  no outdoor shoes in house, please
    •  Bonus! experience with neurodivergence and trans folks!

    If anyone can make a recommendation, it would be much appreciated! 



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  • Housekeeper recommendation

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    Hello! We are seeking a weekly housekeeper for post-baby times, ideally one that's not $250/visit. 

    Does anyone have someone to recommend? We live on the Albany/El Cerrito border.


    I can recommend my cleaner, Maria. She makes my house sparkle. She does 2 bathrooms, vacuum upstairs rooms (2), kitchen, and mopping of downstairs (living room / dining room / kitchen) for $120. I don't ask her to organize rooms or wash clothes. I think she may speak some English but we usually communicate in Spanish. 510-815-5734.

    We've had help for almost a decade from Pedro Pat.  He's pleasant, professional, thorough, and always on time.  You can reach him at (415) 246-4290.

    I will recommend my house cleaner. She usually works alone but occasionally it brings her mom to help her. I'm also in the El Cerrito Albany border area. 

    For my 3bd/1.5bth home, she quoted me:

    - $180 for the first cleaning / $150 for follow up cleanings

    - $250 for deep cleaning.

    Been working with her for 3 years now with no issues. Message me privately for her contact info if this fits your budget!



    My weekly housekeeper (El Cerrito) is decidedly less than that and looking for new clients. Her name is Maria and her partner is Aleida. Her number is 510-253-6809. They are easy to work with.

    We’re in the same area and have been happy with Rosy (510) 375-5435. 

    Hi Linda is very reliable and very affordable. We have a 5 bedroom house and its less than 200

    +1 (510) 240-2513

    I would highly recommend the cleaner I have been using for nearly 7 years, her name is Ana. You can text her at 415-574-5661. Please let her know Ashley in Oakland sent you. She would set up a lower rate for such regular cleaning, she cleans for me once a month but I've been a client for so long that I'm not sure my rate is her current one - but it's well below what you state here for a 3 bedroom/3 bath 1200 SQ foot monthly cleaning. She is also a new parent and during her (unpaid) maternity leave she lost some clients so I think she's still looking for new ones. I believe she lives in El Cerrito as well.

    I believe the rate is based on the amount of hours it takes to clean the home. If it is 3 hrs, 2 people, should not be more than $150

    Hi, I highly recommend our housekeeper Lorhany Silva. She has been cleaning our Albany home for 4 years now, she's super responsible, always does a great job, and is an all around nice person. One of her clients recently moved away so she is looking for more work. Her phone # is (510) 393-2483‬. 

    My coworker recommended her cleaner to me, and we both think she's great. She lives in Richmond and her name is Alma Rivera, 510-210-4480. She is looking for new clients. A deep clean is around $300 but then the price depends on the size of your home - my 2BR 1BA apartment is $100 for regular cleans, my coworker's 3BR 2BA house is $200.

    I use Andrea -  510-269-0359, she's 170/month for our 3br, 1.5 bath house 1x a month. We live in Albany. 

    Appreciate folks sharing resources and costs.  I pay my long time housekeeper an amount that works out to $35 an hour, and am planning to give her an increase in January to $40/hr.  While I understand folks have to consider their budgets, I feel that housecleaning is a tough job, and she makes my life a lot better.  Paying a "living wage" is my part. (She's not taking new jobs)   Also of note--I've been looking for a new yard person--the folks charging $40 per person per hour were a major disappointment.  The quality guy I hired goes for $110/hr.  Seems to me that housekeeping, largely a women's job, is just as demanding as gardening....

    We have an 1,800 sq foot house in El Cerrito, and our housekeeper who comes once/month charges $200/visit. I understand she may charge less if she's coming more frequently (ie, she charges my friend $150/visit but goes there twice/month). This seems to be the going rate as I've gotten quotes from about three other cleaners and they each gave this price range. She comes with one other person and between the two of them, they take just over 2 hours to clean my house. They're great and if you're interested, you can reach her at 510-706-2436 (her name is Susana).

    Hi! I'd love to recommend my cleaners, Tai and her husband Thiago. They are punctual, professional, and easy to communicate with (via text; Portuguese-speakers). Their rate is very reasonable for our 3BR (under $200). They've located in San Pablo but will drive most anywhere in the East Bay. 

    Tai 650-441-6019.

    They're available for Deep Cleaning, Basic Cleaning, Move in/out, Monthly Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning or One Time Cleaning.

    We have a great team of house cleaners that we have been using for over 2yrs now.  They were originally recommended to us through NextDoor and they have been fantastic - great cleaners, very accepting of feedback, very affordable, and always on time and flexible when I need to shift schedules. 

    They were hit fairly hard due to the pandemic where they lost a lot of clients over time.  They would love more customers so feel free to text Nagela directly to schedule her team - 415-261-1582.  You can let her know you learned of her team from a BPN post by me (Kim). 

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