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Hospice recommendation? Feb 17, 2020 (5 responses below)
Hospice recommendations please Jul 12, 2018 (4 responses below)
  • Hospice recommendation?

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       If you have had experience with a Hospice group serving Contra Costa (specifically Richmond) can you please let me know.  A friend of a friend is in need== ASAP.

       When my friend was dying in Oakland, we found Pathways Oakland to be incredible!  (The nurse Josh Hays was kind, precise and wonderful) But the Oakland office doesn't serve Richmond.  Someone recommended Hospice of the East Bay, but on "yelp" they have some troubling reports posted.  --- 

        So the search continues.

    Thank you so much!

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    Have you asked Pathways Oakland for a recommendation of a group serving the Richmond area? 

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    Sutter Care at Home hospice was great.  We loved that we didn't need to take our loved one anywhere and also, when we needed daily nurses, they provided.   Some agencies will not send a nurse daily, only caregivers.   We also hired caregivers for help off of care.com.  But Sutter home hospice was very compassionate.

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    I had a good experience with Kindred for my mother about 1.5 years ago. 

  • Hospice recommendations please

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    Seeking recommendations for responsive hospice care provider in East Bay for elderly relative living at home.  Any suggestions (or warnings) much appreciated.

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    I can recommend Kindred Hospice. I've been using them for my mother who lives in assisted living. I've also heard recommendations for Vitas, but I was turned off by my initial meeting with them. 

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    I am a volunteer with Continuum Care and feel very good about them, I have no idea how you get set up with them tho. 

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    For hospice it is Medicare so you can choose wherever. Stick to non profits, for profit hospices like vitas are awful to their employees and their heart is not in the right place.
    -hospice RN