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  • Seeking Gutter and Window Cleaners

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    My wonder go-to guy for window and gutter cleaning is MIA.  Recommendations for someone who does either or both would be much appreciated. 

    I have used Light Stream. They are great. I think the owner Andy Brown is local. Maybe Albany or El Cerrito?

    We recently had a great experience with Luis Mora, who did both windows & gutter cleaning. He was super responsive & professional. l.windowwash [at] 

    We used Sunshine Gutters for the past few years and have been happy with them. 

  • Any current recommendations?

    We just had Luis Mora come do our window washing & gutter cleaning. He was super responsive and professional: l.windowwash [at] 

    The person you want is named Steve and he's the owner of Clean Z Rest in Alameda. He has washed our windows many times over the years, and I'm always really happy at his job AND at the price. He's also a nice guy. Call Steve at (510) 385-1826.

    I've used A1 gutter and window cleaning for a few years. They have been reliable and very good. I use them both for gutters and windows. 

  • Window Cleaner Needed

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    I am seeking a professional cleaner as my windows and skylights are covered with a patina of ash from the smoke we have all endured.  Recommendations of companies you have recently hired would be hugely appreciated.  

    I highly recommend Luis Mora. He is meticulous, very pleasant to be around, reasonably priced:  the best window cleaner I have ever used. His phone: (925) 812-3620; email: l.windowwash [at]

    [moderator note 2/17/21 corrected phone number]

  • window washer

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    I need a reliable home window washer., not a big  company who does high rises!    Any suggestions?  

    I have used Mark Merriweather (510) 682-8290. He’s a one man job. He was reliable and did a good job. Note that to clean windows he has to come inside your house for a few hours. I went out to run errands while he was cleaning by himself and felt comfortable doing so. He was recommended by a friend who is a realtor and uses Mark to clean the windows of the houses he shows. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sept 2012

The archives are pretty old - we need our windows washed and, hopefully at the same time, gutters cleaned. Thanks for some new recommendations! Looking for Lightness

Lightstream! Good work, good people, and easy to have around and in the house. They do windows and gutters. We've been happy customers for many years. Contact information for Andrew Brown at Ricki

I can recommend the service I have been using at my Kensington home for the past 3 years: B Windows and Gutters - website: They are fast and efficient, do a fabulous job, are reasonably priced (I comparison shopped before hiring them) and are really friendly - once I started using them, I have not considered calling anyone else. Feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information. Dawn

Give the people at Mr Sparkle a call and you will be happy you did. On time, thorough and clear windows for a reasonable price. 510-504-7048. Roger

You can contact Juan 'Cesar' Rodriguez at 510-325-4056. He works for a high rise window washing company in the morning but does private residencies in the afternoons and weekends. His prices are lower than most companies and he can generally do the work the same day he comes to do the estimate. Cesar seems to work anywhere from Concord to San Mateo. My friend recently had her windows cleaned in Noe Valley and when her daughter came home, she asked, 'Mom, how come the windows are open?'! Good luck! Morganne

Mr. Sparkle is great in every way. [We Love Washing Windows did a 'bait and switch' on me. Stay away.] Twinkle

Aug 2012

Day after day, I 'promise' myself I'll make time to wash our windows. Time and again, I'll wash our windows 'tomorrow' or 'next week.' It seems, now, I will be 'planning' to wash our windows 'forever,' so we need to find a different way to get our windows clean. We'd like to hire a nice person to wash the windows of our home. Our home has about sixty double-hung windows. All our double-hung windows tip in for easy cleaning, some have screens that need to be taken out and washed, and all of the windowsills (inside and outside) need to be washed-off. We have a zillion rags and ladders and buckets and ... This is not a difficult job and no heavy lifting is needed, but it will take flexibility, focus, and stick-to-it attention. Anne

Call Dylan Kelly at Mr. Sparkle 510-504-7048 Fast, courteous, clean, affordable. And a great guy with great crews. CJ

We just had our windows washed (inside/out plus screens) by Alexis at Five or Free Window Cleaning. Has was soooo polite and was absolutey prompt for both the estimate and cleaning. The number is 510-418-0856. Last year we had our windows cleaned by Mr. Sparkle who was also excellent. I tried Alexis this year because his price was a little less. I can happily recommend both companies. seeing clearly now

You should call Ben at Squeeky Windows. He and his crew do a fantastic job. They are nice, reliable, and really good. I highly recommend them: 510-531-8138

I used We Love Window Washing. Rigo came to my home to give an estimate first, then later returned once I gave him the thumbs up. My windows were sparkling! He even swept off my porch light. Sometimes you can find a discount on Groupon or Yelp. Highly recommend. Laurel

June 2011

I am looking for a window washer to do our windows in our small-ish house in preparation for a party. We are located in El Cerrito on the Albany / Kensington border in the Memorial Park area. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, I would appreciate them. Thanks! awesome, they did my parents house. Juliet

Just last month, after getting a few bids I felt confident that the best deal was with Mr. Sparkle. Little did I know that they would do such an excellent job. The few concerns I had were quickly, thoroughly and extremely pleasantly responded to by principal, Dylan Kelly, who went well beyond necessary to make his customer happy. I was also surprised by what a difference clean windows make. Mr. Sparkle also does pressure washing, gutter cleaning, awning cleaning and installation of smoke detectors. 510-504-7048 Ruth

May 2011

Would appreciate recommendations for good window washer in the Oakland Hills area - we have a two story house and some window are 2nd story. The last person I called from a BPN referral had a disconnected phone number. thanks. looking for window washer

I recommend LightStream Home Services. They have been washing the windows, screens, and skylights of our two story house for many years. Their reliable and trustworthy staff have always done excellent work, inside and out, taking great care with our belongings, plants, and other surfaces. Contact Andrew Brown at (510) 620-0802. Ricki

If you are still looking for a window cleaners, I have used Squeeky Windows (Ben Rei) for 10 years. They are very good and reasonably priced. They wash my skylite, screens, frames, etc.....They do a great job and are very reliable. They are located in Berkeley. phone 510-531-8138 Alena

Feb 2011

Does anyone know of a great and reliable window cleaner in the N. Berkeley area for regular window cleaning? Thank you! Madelein

Hi Madeliene, I met Andrew Brown a couple of years ago - he is awesome and reliable and his guys are great as well. He has also done some rather amazing gutter work. He is Andrew Brown at oren

If you are looking for a window cleaner, I have used Sqeeky Windows for many years. They are two people, they are excellent, very reasonably priced, very reliable and truly do a great job. Once I used them, I would never use anyone else. The contact is Ben Rei at Squeeky Windows, 510-531-8138 Alena

2009 - 2010 Reviews

Oct 2010

We're looking for a window washer for our home. Exterior house cleaning would be a plus. Any recommendations? Thanks! Jason

You need not look any farther than Mr. Sparkle The owner, Dylan, is a great guy easy to work with and flexible. He gave me a quote after checking out the house on the outside, and stuck to it. There were 3 guys who came to our place (about 1000 sqft but with a lot of windows) and they were out of here in no time. The windows have never looked so good and it was painless for me. They did such a good job I had him strap our water heater properly too. Absolutely call him. You won't be disappointed. Claire

June 2010

Can you please recommend a window washer. We have a two story house in the Oakland Hills -- there is ladder work. Thanks. need window washer

Hello, We highly recommend Jesus Martinez with Ultimate Cleaning Solutions he is great very professional and efficient, you can check out his yelp at his number is (510) 776-5372 you will be pleased!

April 2009

Can you recommend a good, trustworthy and economical window washer for our home. Some are on the second floor and will need a ladder. Thanks. Needing a window washer

I've used Nathan Cooper of Cooper Window Cleaning and have been really happy with him. His number is 510-847-3047. Rachel

2007 - 2008 Reviews

May 2008

Hi, does anyone have a recommendation for a company that washes windows? I'd love to get a reference from someone who had a good experience with work on their two-story house. thank you! Lisa

I've used Mr Sparkle for window cleaning and was very happy with the results. They were efficient, came when they said they would and seemed to charge a fair rate. 510-504-7048. I can see clearly now

Many of the houses that go on the market in these parts can thank Dylan aka Mr. Sparkle for their sparkling windows. He also straps water heaters. 504-7048 heidi

Feb 2007

Want to recommend my neighbor Nathan Cooper (510-847-3047) and his window washing services...He's got 10+ years experience, offers reasonable, per-job rates, provides free estimates...he's careful, trustworthy, and insured. Kate

2005 - 2006 Reviews

Nov 2006

Can anyone recommend a window cleaner?? Thanks
need windows cleaned

October 2005

I don't know what area you are in, but there is a company that I have used (I am a personal assistant to a family in Mill Valley) called Streakless. They may be local to Marin, I am not sure. Greg and his partner work cleanly, (you'd never know they had been there but for the sparkling windows and skylights!), quickly, and courteously. Greg responds to phone calls in a timely manner, and if he doesn't he is the first to apologize and try to make it right. The customer truely does come first with him! They also do rain gutters at a reasonable price. (And they rewind the garden hose and sweep up any debris!)

We have used Excellent Window Cleaners for about 5 years now and I can't speak more highly about how professional and thorough they are. They also do carpets and their carpet guy, Francisco, is one of the best (and nicest) guys out there. 510-540-6377 Good Luck! Laurie

I was looking for someone to wash my mini-blinds. I called Rudy Torres who does business as Bay Blind Cleaners. I had him wash my first story windows, too, inside and out. I thought he did an excellent job of cleaning both the blinds and the windows. He was also prompt, friendly and very professional. His number is 510-887-2003. nbs

2003 - 2004 Reviews

June 2004

Hi -- I'm the person who needed a window washer for her 2 story home in Claremont -- since I was under a time crunch, I went ahead and did a web search and found Light Stream Home Services ( Toll Free Phone: (866) 486-8222 Office Phone:(510) 559-8222. I'd like to recommend them, now that they've done all my windows. They came to my house within a week, and cleaned all my windows, inside and out, and cleaned the ledges as well. The windows are now sparkling clean. The staff and proprietor, Andy, are polite and careful people. I highly recommend them. Anonymous

May 2004

Hi, I tried many of the previous recommendations for Window Washers -- only to find that the recommendations were old enough to point to phone numbers that have been disconnected. Can someone recommend a professional window washer or window washing service to clean all the windows of my 2 story home in the Claremont?

Looking for a great window washing service for our house in Rockridge. The two I have used from previous posts in the archives are now out of business! Anyone use someone you were happy with recently? N

Hi -- I'm the person who needed a window washer for her 2 story home in Claremont -- since I was under a time crunch, I went ahead and did a web search and found Light Stream Home Services ( Toll Free Phone: (866) 486-8222 Office Phone:(510) 559-8222. I'd like to recommend them, now that they've done all my windows. They came to my house within a week, and cleaned all my windows, inside and out, and cleaned the ledges as well. The windows are now sparkling clean. The staff and proprietor, Andy, are polite and careful people. I highly recommend them.

April 2004

I'm lookiing for current recommendations for inside and out window washer for my 4 story residence in Montclair. m.v

I used Squeegee Express to clean our windows, and he did a great job. It was $175 for eight 8' windows on a second floor. 925-548-4796 (updated June 2005) Elizabeth

2002 & Earlier

Nov 2002

We are looking for a good and affordable window washing service for the outside windows of our two storey home. - bella

We highly recommend George Silva of Professional Window Cleaner to wash windows. He's efficient, thorough and very reasonable. He only charged about $90 for all the windows (inside and out) in our 3 bedroom house. Afterward it looked like there was no glass separating the indoors and out. His number is(650) 348-8732. - H.

I highly recommend Bay Blind Cleaners, owned by Rudy Torres. I first called him about cleaning my blinds. I was very pleased with his work, and later had him wash windows, upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside. He was very responsible and easy to work with. I think his prices are as good as any you will find. Call Rudy at 510-887-2003. Nancy

August 2002

Looking for a reputable area window washer to wash just the outside of all my house windows in Rockridge. Our house is about 100 years old and so are most of the window panes (i.e. A couple have small cracks). Not sure if really old panes make for a difference in how they clean them...? Any company recommendations are appreciated. Nicole

we use Windowsmith. They do a very thorough job, and are prompt and polite. They are probably toward the high-end in price, but I don't really know as I haven't compared prices in a couple of years. You can find their number in the yellow pages. Lisa

Hi Nicole, I suggest that you contact my son Myles. He has had a lot of experience dealing with old small windows as our old family property in England, that he worked on, was from 400 years old. He can be contacted at myles_morson AT or via my e-mail. Regards, Jane

Sept. 2001

Recommend Yes We Do Windows . I've used them for years. Tel : 800 895-4200. -Ann

August 2001

Tom Woolery of Woolery Window Washing just cleaned our windows. He did an excellent job for a very reasonable price. His phone number is (925) 935-2119. -Jennifer