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  • Wallpaper!

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    I know this is an insignificant question, but it is weirdly difficult to find someone to put up wallpaper.  Anyone have thoughts?  Thanks much.

    I had the hardest time finding someone to put up wallpaper earlier this year. Who knew? I can't say enough great things about Jim's Wallpaper and Painting. They did a beautiful job and charged me less than quoted. I know it says they're in Florida, but I think it's a family business, with the son (?) living and working in the East Bay.


    Theo's Fine Wallpaper Install, theohealey at gmail dot com, recommended by my interior designer. You can check out their work on instagram at theosfinewallpaper 

  • Wallpaper guy

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good handyman or painter who does wallpaper?

    I had an excellent experience with Jim's Wallpaper. I know from experience that wallpaper is fiddly and difficult. It was worth every penny not to have to struggle with wet paper and pattern matching. I had chosen a rather complicated, trippy pattern for my hallway, and I knew it was going to be a major pain. I dealt with Mike, who is clearly an expert, and fun to talk to. Mike and his helper were quick and efficient, punctual and tidy, and did the job extremely well. My hallway looks AMAZING. Jim's Wallpaper and Painting: (321) 794-2216

    Waid McNabb, 925-736-1617. He does paint and wallpaper but specializes in the latter. We actually learnt of him from the Farrow and Ball gallery on 4th St - he installed their backdrop wallpaper. He did our bedroom wallpaper behind the headboard and it looks great. Very reasonable price too. He's not very 'high tech' so don't expect a ton of Yelp reviews or slick emailed estimates, but he does a great job!

  • Recommendations for a Wallpaper Pro?

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    Has anyone worked recently with a wallpaper hanger that they'd like to recommend? I've searched the archives, but all the recommendations there are 5+ years old. The space isn't large—a hallway with lots of doors, so the actual wall space is not large. The paper I hope to use is complicated and expensive, however, so I want someone I can trust to get it right. I've hung wallpaper myself and I know just how tricky it can be. Thanks!

    Jims wallpaper and painting- look them up on yelp. We just used them and they were reliable, quick and affordable!

  • Hi there, 

    I'm looking for recommendations of reasonably priced person to do a small paint/wallpaper installation job. It's a medium sized room - 2 walls to be painted and 2 walls to be wallpapered. I reached out to one highly reviewed person on Yelp and the quote was nearly $900. I'm skeptical around how high this cost is - we're supplying the paint and wallpaper, so this is really labor and supplies costs only. Anyone else have a contact of someone more reasonable or can give me a sense if this is a normal cost? 

    Thanks in advance! 

    In my experience, the people who do wallpaper don't typically also do painting, and vice versa. So you might try hiring a painter to do the painting and a wallpaper person to do the wallpaper.  Ask the wallpaper person whether they want you to paint before or after the wallpaper goes up. It depends on the room, and the surface for the wallpaper has to be specially prepared.  About 5 years ago I hired a local wallpaper person that I found on a google search.  The wallpaper was an 18" border around the ceiling of my 20' by 20' living room. The labor cost me $800. The paper cost close to that, so I wanted somebody good, and she WAS good, and it looks fantastic. So yeah, $900 is ballpark. 

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Dec 2011

Can anyone recommend a wall paper hanger? I'd like to put up grasscloth on an accent wall. I live in the Lamorinda area.

I can highly recommend Heidi Wright in Montclair. wallpapergirl [at] yahoo.com She installed a wallpaper frieze in my living room about 2 months ago and it looks perfect. She did it all in one day - she is very organized. I have hung wallpaper myself in the past, but in this case I planned to use some pricey Bradbury & Bradbury paper in my 1912 Craftsman home, and since the house has settled over the years the walls and ceiling are all a little out of kilter, I wanted a professional to come do it. Heidi came out and took measurements and told me how much wallpaper to order, and then made an appointment to come back to hang the paper. She primed the wall first, cut all the papers, and hung it. It looks amazing! I found her by going to the professional organization http://www.ngpp.org/ and she was the only one in the area who could schedule me within 6 months. She is very good - you won't be disappointed! Ginger
March 2007

Hey there fellow BPNers, I'm loving all the cool new wallpapers out there, and would like to paper an accent wall in my home. Actually hanging the paper, however, is not something I feel confident about trying. Can anyone recommend a skilled wallpaper hanger? (I checked the archives, but there's only one recommendation from several years ago.) Is this something that a painting contractor would/could do? (That would be ideal, since I have some painting needs as well.) Or should I look for a paper-only person? Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Thanks so much! Leah

For wallpapering and excelllent painting, I recommend Susanne George (510) 289-0713. She has painted every room in my house, stripped some very tenacious old paper and re-papered with skill. She is in the East Bay. Caroline
Two or three years ago I used PAPER DOLLS WALLPAPERING 510-235- 4759. They did a great job and it still looks great. My wallpaper was not trimmed so they also had to trim it - they probably would not do that again, but they did at that time. I would highly recommend them. jh
Nov 2004

Does anyone know where I can find cut-out wall decorations with a fairy tale theme (princess, fairy, castle, unicorn, flowers, trees, etc.) for my daughter's bedroom? The kind that I can just peel off and stick on the wall. Physical stores or website addresses would be very helpful. Thank you very much. Anonymous

You might try Wallies...they are wallpaper shapes that apply with just a bit of water. This theme from their website might be what you are looking for: http://www.wallies.com/cgi-bin/web/shop.cgi?s.item.W13423=x=90004=4==34819149 Claire
Hi, I found ''wallpaper'' designs that have all sorts of choices (fairies and castles included) at Michael's (it's a chain so there are lots of stores, but closest one to Berkeley is in Emeryville). The brand name for these decorations is ''Wallies''-- I think you can also get them off the internet. The application on the wall is easy-- just wet and stick and they have proved quite durable. Good luck. luisa

I received a few recommendations for wallpaper hangers from the wallpaper dept. at Pursel Quality Paints on University (845-7525). We used a man named Denny Sheehan who did a great job - he primed and hung the paper in 1 day plus 1 morning. He charges by the roll, but I can't recall how much - our total was around $380 for one room. I can't find his number but I'm sure you can get it from Pursel. --Ellen