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Stained glass windows are leaking when it rains

April 2012

With all the rain lately, our two stained glass windows on both sides of our fireplace in our 1925 house have finally started to leak. I checked the archives, but didn't see any recent referrals. Does anyone know a reputable person who will repair them? I don't even know if this sort of thing can be done in place or if the windows need to be removed to be repaired. If the latter, are those window openings boarded up in the meantime?

Once upon a time, our old window installer had suggested covering the outside of these windows with plexiglass caulked in place. It wouldn't be noticeable from the street as these are on the side of the house and fairly high up. Is this safe to do/would it harm in the remaining integrity of the glass ?

I'm also open to someone telling me to replace them with alternate salvaged stained glass windows if that is less expensive. I've never really been in love with the design, but want to keep some kind of stained glass there both for the inherent charm and to diffuse the afternoon sun.

Either way, I'm looking for a low cost budget friendly option. Michelle

Retired general contractor who is a talented stained glass craftsman in Alameda Ken Matthias 1508 Webster Street Alameda,CA 94501 (510) 521-6245 There may be something Ken can't do, but we haven't found it yet.

Someone to design & install stained glass window

April 2008

I have a window that I would like replaced with stained glass. We are not sure of the design and would like someone to help us with design as well as execution and installation. Any recommendations?

I highly recommend Ken from Alameda Art Glass on Webster Street in Alameda. He has done a lot of stained glass work in our house - from complicated Green & Green style glass work to simple inexpensive solutions. He has come up with a variety of design ideas for us and knows what's right for the period of your home. Audrey
There's a fantastic stained glass craftsman in Alameda. His name is Ken Matthias, and he has a shop on Webster Street on the west side of the island. He apprenticed with two old European masters of the craft as a young man after graduating from what was then the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.

His work is phenomenal; he's actively involved in preserving windows in old Victorians and restoration of damaged windows, but he loves creating windows for folks, too. His designs are gorgeous, and the workmanship is unsurpassed. He made windows for my parents' entryway and for their dining room, and they are the most beautiful parts of their house; they aren't flashy, they fit in with the design of the house as if they were there all along. Every time I enter my dad's front door, I smile as I look at them, and I have to glance into the dining room to see the other windows, too. Ken's made several windows for a very well-known special effects company in the area - they wanted more after they saw the first one. He's been doing this for a long time, and it shows. Also, he has a contractor's license, so he knows how to support the windows and their surroundings, too. He can make sure that your window's life is a very long one.

Ken occasionally teaches small classes lasting about six weeks of Saturdays at the shop. If you ever get a chance to study with him, go for it. He's a patient teacher, and he REALLY knows his stuff. Kate

Need to replace broken pane in small stained glass window

May 2003

I have an old, small (approximately 16'' x 30'') stained glass window with one of the clear panes broken. The piece is about 4'' by 6.'' I would appreciate the name of any repair shop that is reasonably priced and does high quality work. Thanks in advance! Elizabeth

A wonderful place to repair, buy, and learn to make stained glass is:
Stained Glass Garden 1800 4th Street in Emeryville 510.841.2200
Hope this is helpful! Julie

Leaded glass

Sept 2007

I would like to recommend Grant Acker to repair antique and leaded glass. We had some vintage stained glass windows that needed to be cut to size before we installed them. Other craftsmen felt they were too old and fragile to work with. Grant saw no problem and repaired them in less than a week. He also removed some very bowed leaded glass side windows by our front door. He was able to remove and replace them without damaging the wood trim. He also found and cut some slag glass to replace a broken pane in a light fixture. He was very pleasant to work with and his price was very reasonable. He lives in San Francisco but works here in Oakland. You can reach him at (415)298-5836 or grantsamonkey [at] Ann

June 2006

I am looking for someone who will come to my house & repair the leaded glass window in my front door. It needs to be a house call since I can't quite give up my front door! I'm looking for someone who does good work & is reasonably priced. I live in Oakland near Piedmont. Thanks! jeanne

I, too, live in Oakland near Piedmont, and last year had to have a broken pane replaced in the leaded glass by my door -- a job that really had to be done on-site. It took some calling around to get someone to come, but I wound up with Kirk Kwiatkoski (I hope I\x92m spelling the last name right), who came and replaced the pane very nicely and for a reasonable fee. His number is 510-535-1615. Other names and numbers I got that didn\x92t work out but might for you: Kathleen Horn, 339-8245 (she was moving at the time so couldn\x92t do it, and gave me Kirk\x92s number); Dennis from Stained Glass Garden, 925-689-5129. Kathy
Sept 2005

Our movers recently broke one pane in a leaded window. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who could simply replace one pane? I have called some window replacement people and they mentioned that I need someone who specializes in this type of work (not window replacement). Thanks for any leads steph

There is a bit of an art to replacing glass in leaded windows, but a window with a single pane cracked or broken is absolutely repairable. If you can remove the window sash, I recommend taking it to the Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley. Their hourly rate may seem high, but they have the supplies and the know-how to do your job efficiently, and it will be weather-tight when they are done. Chris
July 2003

I am looking to find someone to make some leaded glass panels for some cabinet doors. They are fairly simple and to match an existing old cabinet. Does anyone have any leads on someone who might do this at a reasonable cost? Lisa

Pete DeFao of Stained Glass Designs in Dublin does custom stained/leaded glass at reasonable prices. He works with clients on designs (either original or to match an existing piece), and will travel to your home. He can be reached at pdefao1 AT Janine