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Skylight Installation & Repair

Nov 2008

Howdy - anyone have a recommendation for a contractor specifically for a skylight install? Our roofer will install the actual skylight, but we need a GC to create the lightwell in our kitchen ceiling. Thanks! Seeking illumination in Berkeley

I think you would really benefit from calling Rick, the owner of Haven Builders. Although he did a whole kitchen remodel for us (which turned out unbelievably fab!) I know he tackles smaller projects too. I usually never respond to forums like this but I couldn't, in good conscience, fail to give Rick the recommendation he deserves. His cell# is 510-978-1786 but I know you can email him the specifics at rixmail1 [at] too. Good luck! mindy
July 2008

I'm considering installing skylights in my kitchen. Am seeking recommendations for both skylight vendors as well as contractors for the install. Also, our house needs a new roof - should we put in skylights before or after, or does it not matter? Seeking illumination in Berkeley

I recommend Ira Fabricant, Fabricant Roofing. He is a great guy and has been in the business for a long time. He does excellent work and actually specializes in skylights. He installed 3 in my house and I was very happy with the work. He was also very straightforward with me about the condition of my roof and possibility of repair to get some more life out of it. His phone is (510) 653-1680. Happy, Dry and Well-Lighted
Feb 2006

We have a skylight in our master bathroom, which is on the second floor of our home and has a vaulted ceiling. The skylight is cracked and we are looking to repair it. We have heard that having a skylight that opens can help alleviate the heat that we have in the summer here (Walnut Creek). We called the place recommended by our homeowners' association, but they said that the skylights that open do not have screens. I won't put one in without a bug screen. So I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a reputable skylight company who will work in Walnut Creek which will install a skylight which opens AND a bug screen for it. Thanks! Want it cooler in summer, but don't want bugs!

Yes, you can have a skylight that opens and has a screen as well (of course!), and yes, having a skylight that opens DOES help with the heat. We recently worked with Gary Schroeder of Schroeder Construction, a skylight expert, to replace some leaky skylights. He is professional, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. His number is 510-253-1985. Miriam
They do come with screens. We just had some installed last year.
You might be able to do it easily yourself. I have a flat roof and the opening for the skylight protrudes from the roof. The skylight was attached by 8 screws. I just unscrewed the old skylight, lifted it off and dropped a new one on that opens (w/screen) from the same manufacturer (just so that I was sure that the dimensions were exactly the same). It took about 1 hour to do and only for the cost of the skylight.
March 2004

We would like to get some more bids on a skylight installation - on an existing roof (replaced about 3 years ago). We just need one skylight installed. Any recommendations for a contractor or individual to do this? Also any insight or advice in terms of placement, do's and don'ts would be appreciated. You can either post on this list or e-mail me directly. Jen

Skylight repair contractor. I recommend Gary Schroeder 925-788-2505 for new or replacement skylights,he is skilled at both roofing and skylight installation and can help you explore the options.I am a general building contractor,I have used him in the past, more questions about structural issues etc. Mark

Skylight effectiveness

Feb 2005

We are considering installing a skylight in our roof. The side of the house where we would put it does not get direct sunlight, however. Would the skylight still be effective? I'm wondering if it will be worth the money and hassle. Who installs skylights (roofers, window companies...)? Amy

I think it's actually best to put a skylight where it will not get direct sunlight. I assume it will be north-facing. There will be less glare and heat build-up than if it is in dirct line of the sun. Just think about north-facing windows - they still let in plenty of light, even though they get no direct sun. R.K.