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Glass Shower Door Repair

July 2012

Hi there, We need to have our glass shower door rehung -- it has slipped a little and catches the floor. Any recommendations for shower door experts out there? Erin

We just had a new glass shower door and enclosure installed by Brad at Classic Glass (510) 667-9908. He is really fantastic. He came to our house to measure the space and he asked a lot of questions about what was most important to us (being as sturdy as possible vs. aesthetics etc.), checked the fan exhaust to make a recommendation about how high the glass should go and still vent well, checked the clearances for all our fixtures, toilet etc (yeah, we have a strangely laid out bathroom!) and came up with a design that is beautiful, strong and safe enough to withstand use by kids, and was less expensive than the other quotes that we got. He is super nice, too. Aleta
I have used All American Glass and Shower for shower door installation and repair. They do very good work. Their number is 925-820-1748. Roger
We used California Shower Door Corporation to fix our glass shower door (they did not do the original installation, it was a house we had recently moved into). They were great, and I'd highly recommend them, but they do have a $150 minimum. We needed very minor work/repair done, but it did require them to take two trips to our house (one to pick up the door, one to bring it back, they did some work that could only be done at their place, shaving the glass down a bit), and we still didn't get past that minimum. Our door was sagging, and hadn't been installed with all of the various seals that are really needed. They took it off, shaved it down, put on all of the seal seam things, and reinstalled it with a reinforced joint. All for $150, we were very pleased! l.

Custom shower enclosure

Dec 2011

We have a very small shower that needs a glass enclosure. Does anyone have recommendations for someone who can do a frameless enclosure for not a zillion dollars? Thanks! Tired of the Wet Floor

I trust Berkeley Glass (1810 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, 510. 843-2185) on San Pablo for glass enclosures. They do excellent work, prompt, will work with budgets (framed or frameless). oren
Dear Tired of the Wet Floor, The way to get your custom shower enclosure to cost less than a zillion is to not have it completely frameless. Talk to Berkeley Glass Center about one with a top frame. This type frame can be fairly invisible, and you can still have a frameless style door. Andus

Need custom shower enclosure made and installed

Oct 2010

I recently had a new tiled shower put in to replace an old leaking fiberglass prefab version. Now I need a custom glass shower enclosure installed. It is small, but three- sided. Can anyone recommend someone to do this for a reasonable price? Anyone I should avoid? Thanks! --- Want to get it done by Thanksgiving

We used Berkeley Glass on San Pablo Ave. near Delaware for two shower enclosures. We found them efficient and reasonably priced. Their turnaround time was under two weeks. happy customer
We did the same thing - We used Arrow Glass in Albany - they came out and measured and then came back a few weeks later and installed the glass shower doors. We also did a neo-angle shower and enclosure. I was a bit hesitant to use clear glass because I thought it would always be dirty but they suggested we buy and apply a special coating that makes the water bead up and it keeps the glass very clean. I reapply it about every 2-3 years. shower people

Custom shower enclosure needed

June 2010

I'm finishing up a bathroom remodel, and I need a recommendation for a glass installer to do the shower enclosure. Does anyone know of any good value (i.e. low cost, nice quality) glass installers? Also, anyone that I should absolutely avoid? Thanks in advance.

We used HeavyLux ( in San Leandro for a custom frameless glass shower enclosure a couple years ago and they did a nice job, and had the lowest price of several estimates we got, too. They also did our mirror. And in fact, I just called them up the other day with a service question and got great customer service. I plan to use them again when we save up enough to remodel our other bathroom. JP
We used HeavyLux (, 510-667-0781) for the shower enclosure in our recently-completed bathroom. They are a family-owned company in San Leandro, recommended by one of the tilers we interviewed, and we were very pleased with them. Their estimate was significantly lower than Cal Shower Door; we didn't even get an estimate from Schicker, because of their reputation for high prices. There was no additional charge for protective coating the glass, but we did upgrade to ultra-clear glass (called Starphire). You can see glass and other options on their website, but I also visited their showroom.
We just completed a bathroom ''makeover''. We had a leaky and old fiberglass shower that needed to be replaced. Not only did we do a custom shower enclosure but we redid the rest of the bathroom at the same time. If you want an artist with a beautiful aesthetic and a true craftsman I would highly recommend using Carl Gaard (510 410-6812). He did a high end bathroom with marble and limestone at a fraction of what we imagined it would cost. His attention to detail and problem solving abilities are exceptional. Our floor is a complicated diamond pattern and it is stunning. We got an artist, a contractor and a designer all in one. For us, it was a pleasure to work with Carl and he will be doing other projects on our home in the near future. jh

Where to get glass shower enclosure ''weatherstripping''?

May 2009

We have a glass enclosure around our shower. It has clear rubber ''weatherstripping'' around all the edges for keeping the water in the shower, but that stripping is now very mildewed and some of it has come off. I have looked at Home Depot, etc., and can't find the stuff to replace it. I have called shower door installers, and they apparently don't do repairs, just installations. Any ideas? Any help appreciated! Dazed and confused

Contact Arrow Glass in El Cerrito, they often have replacement items hard to locate. jh