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Recommendation for hot mopping built-in shower

March 2012

Hi, we're remodeling a bathroom and were told by our carpenter that in order to seal a built in tile shower enclosure we need a contractor to hot mop (hot tar) the base. I'm having trouble finding someone to do this. Thanks for your help.

That's old school... Not that old school is bad... you should have a tile person look at the shower pan (that's what you call the bottom of the shower that contains the water, drain connection and eventual tile floor). There are more modern techniques than hot mopping that will keep the water where you want it (into the drain). ~just saying
Hot mopping is the traditional (read OLD) way to do this, but there are simpler ways now - the tarred paper can be replaced with something called 'Bituthene'. This is applied cold - much simpler and less messy. - Good Luck with your project, Andus

Grab bar installation for tiled shower

Feb 2009

I'm looking for someone to install grab bars in a tile shower, and who also might be able to suggest other safety improvements that might be appreciated by older folks. Thanks for any recommendations you might have. Julie

My husband ordered one for his dad. It's a removable one that suctions to the tile. We were hesitate to get it, thinking it would wiggle free, but so far it's been good. (had it for one month now.) Safe-er- Grip Bath & shower Handle, 17-Inches. If others have experienced problems with these types of removable suctiony grab bars, hopefully they'll chime in! Anon