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Security doors - decorative as well as secure

Feb 2012

I'm looking for recommendations for home security doors for my front and back doors. I need a place to purchase the doors as well as needing installation. I want something that is decorative as well as secure. After two house break-ins over the past two years, I'm feeling the need for an additional level of security. I'd like the doors to also function as screen doors so I could keep the security door locked but the front door open for ventilation. The first break-in was via kicking in my wood panelled back door - which I replaced with fiber- glass doors (but they look like wood). the second break- in was via a small open high up bathroom window. looking for a sense of security

My wife was usually home on Friday, but left with our 4 month old son to go to a friend's house. Someone busted our door window and unlocked the door on Friday at 2pm. Our Protection One alarm went off, but neither of my next door neighbors heard it. The person ran in and grabbed our laptop off the dining room table, but left the charger that it was plugged into in the wall and digital camera sitting right next to it. The cops came, but the burglar was long gone. I bought our security doors from Ace at 2145 University/Walnut. I looked online for the style I wanted at first. I believe I saw one I liked at Reed Brothers (they sell and install), but they were too expensive for me. So I somehow found that Ace could order them for me. Can't remember the woman's name, but she was absolutely wonderful and helped me order two. She told me they came in the 36' (standard) and 39' sizes. I thought I had measured correctly by measuring the outside of the frame, but I should have measured the inside. So when I told her I wanted the 39' she pushed back and asked if I was sure. After some coaxing she had me get the 36', as there are no returns. I got the first one and sure enough it was the right size, so I ordered another. They charged me whatever the list price was, which I think was $180. I had my uncle who does general contracting put them on in an hour. You could probalby do it yourself with the help of a friend and some basic tools. Just remember you need to buy the lockset too. Alternatively you could go buy whatever they have at OSH, Lowes, or Home Depot. Alan
Go into Reed Brothers on 45th and Telegraph in Oakland. They have a selection of doors they can show you and discuss the best one for you. They also do installation. I think Reed Bros has most of their doors up on their website too.I find it's nice to be able to see something before I buy it, but they can also just come out and bring one based on what you tell them. Most of the metal security doors these days can easily be used as a screen door too which is nice. Good Luck!
Carla Hall designed and fabricated a security screen door for our front door, she did a beautiful job at a very reasonable price. Her website is, she also teaches blacksmithing and metal work at The Crucible in Oakland. Tell her Rebecca on Chestnut in Berkeley recommended her. Rebecca
FYI: The doors at the store with the orange sign are not really security doors, they just look like security doors. I install and repair a lot of doors and offer to secure doors after a break-in at no charge if it fits with my schedule. (this is how i give back to my community).

Not sure where you are located... in Berkeley: go to Rex Lock and Key on University Ave. , or Reed Brothers on telegraph in oakland... in SF? : Warman Security Sacramento Street, San Francisco

Security screen door

Aug 2009

I'd like to install a lockable screen door at my front door, but I want something more attractive than the standard security door. Does anyone have any suggestions? jennifer

We have really enjoyed our screen door from Unique Home designs. It is sturdy, but not ugly like the typical security screen door. It is sold at Home Depot and they have some samples you can look at. Here is a link to their website Meredith

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